[ Links ], 9. The ability to imitate gesture and sequential schemes could be compared, and a more prominent impairment was identified in children with autism. Handbook of pediatric psychology. A total of 474 children with suspected autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were screened by CARS and ABC. Conclusion It is also known that, when direct intervention is accompanied by an indirect intervention -i.e., when the therapeutic context and scenario are extended through family and school guidance -the evolutionary path is even more favorable (2), ... Other studies have also proved that a family's commitment to treatment ensures that the therapeutic goals are amplified in the household context, providing greater synchronicity and communicative and social contingency between the child and their interlocutors (2), ... Children's exposure to different situations, whether tutored or not by adults, allowed a careful look at their communicative inabilities and abilities, ... Existe uma variedade de instrumentos e escalas utilizadas no mundo todo, cada uma com uma aplicação específica, dependendo da finalidade e da idade da criança (11)(12)(13)(14). A validation study of a Jordanian version of the Autism Behavior Checklist (ABC) of the Autism Screening Instrument for Educational Planning (ASIEP). In the Interaction Assessment and Sample of Vocal Behavior there were decreased values, specially between 0 and 1 time. 2ª ed. Szatmari P, Archer L, Fisman S, Streiner DL. One more: ABC data sheet. The main predictors of importance were questions about “make-believe” playing, interest of the child in other children, the child’s response to “motherese”, and exchange of glances between mother and child. A curva ROC foi usada para estabelecer o ponto de corte da amostra e para examinar a Validade de Critério. Within the study sample, the ADG consisted of 32 boys (84.21%) and 6 girls (15.79%), the LDG of 29 boys (67.44%) and 14 girls (32.56%) and the TSG of 25 boys (48.08%) and 27 girls (51.92%). The GNV and GV did not differ in mean Total ABC score. Parents reported more child behavior and conduct problems than children, whereas children reported more affective and neurotic symptoms than parents. Ana Carina Tamanaha, partners in studies on autism, and Prof. Me. informed consent from the guardians (CEP no. 2017 Apr;33(2):130-142. doi: 10.1007/s12264-017-0109-2. Table 3 shows the validity indices for the ABC, considering the cutoff points: 67/68 and 48/49. Both false positive and false negative diagnostic classifications were made when the results of the checklist were compared with clinical diagnosis. 1978 Jun;8(2):162-9 O grau de concordância foi estimado com proporções de acordo e Índice Kappa. Conclusion Although it comprises a very heterogeneous population, it is possible to determine the degree of severity and compare the different profiles of these individuals, ... Questionnaires designed for parents are also often used to collect information on the development of children suspected of having autism. In one study, children with autism and children with mental retardation were compared using the ABC together with two other ASIEP-2 subscales (Interaction Assessment and Educational Evaluation).13 The authors correctly classified 100% of the children with autistic disorder and 95% of the children with mental retardation. It was designed in the 1980s and revised in 1993 in most of the United States and Canada. The second questionnaire was a modified version of the ABC and included the list of behavioral symptoms frequently presented by individuals with autism. In the verbal scale, the average score of GV was greater than that of GNV. Parent-child agreement also increased sharply with age. Este debate mostrou-se inconclusivo. J Autism Dev Disord. The children were diagnosed by a multiprofessional team specialized in interviewing parents, were submitted to clinical evaluation and were diagnosed with autism.1 Since language problems constitute one of the criteria for the diagnosis of autism, mothers of children diagnosed with speech disorders1 but without autism, all undergoing speech therapy at the UNIFESP Speech Disorders Outpatient Clinic, were also invited to participate in the study. In the Interaction Assessment and Sample of Vocal Behavior there were decreased values, specially between 0 and 1 time. Para sintomas depressivos, o nível de escolaridade da mãe se associou negativamente com o grau de concordância. Initially, the authors6 selected the atypical behaviors most frequently presented by the autistic patients from other scales used in the diagnosis of autism. The psychometric proper, the ABC/ICA were addressed in a preliminary validity, authors demonstrated that the instrument is capable of. The first questionnaire addressed the age of the individuals, gender, laterality, diagnosis, age at time of diagnosis, age at onset of symptoms, presentation form of symptoms, cognitive disorders, verbal communication and family history of neuropsychiatric pathologies. Campbell M, Kafantaris V, Malone RP, Kowalik SC, Locascio JJ. rev. It is one component of the Autism Screening Instrument for Educational Planning – Third Edition (ASIEP-3; Krug et al., 2008). The criterion validity refers to the effectiveness of a test to predict the behavior of the individual in predetermined situations. [ Links ], 14. In: XXXII Reunião, handicapped individuals with high levels of, physical or mental disability or both. We also thank Prof. Dr. Jacy Perissinoto and Prof. Me. Burlington, VT; Departament of Psychiatric, University of Vermont; 1991. To analyze the parental responses to questions investigating classic signs of autism using two different instruments (IRDI-questionnaire and M-Chat). In order to minimize the effect of maternal level of education, the ABC was administered to all of the mothers as an interview conducted by the psychologist responsible for the study. O principal problema de medir a confiabilidade em estudos populacionais é a baixa prevalência de alguns diagnósticos que resulta em uma pequena variabilidade nas respostas positivas, o que impossibilita o cálculo do Kappa.