Online shopping, online chatting, online banking etc. Too many contradictory reviewleads us nowhere. The Internet has made it easy for people to communicate with others because it is cheap and convenient. You can protect yourself by installing a reliable anti-virus program on your computer before accessing the Internet. Internet viruses can be categorized to three types - those that harm your executable boot files and system, those that affect a specific file by destroying it and those that keep changing things in your computer like Word files. They are illegal and can cause frustration because they make it hard for people to access their email accounts. The growth of e-commerce has made it possible for people to shop for most things online. Nonetheless, the greater magnitude of its advantages outweighs its disadvantages. Share it! Hence, tackling global issues has become easier with thought leaders from different parts of the world coming … Advantages of the Internet The internet is probably one of the greatest inventions so far. Families and friends can keep in touch easily. The exchange with fellow students is often limited to encounters on the digital campus of the respective university. The premise here is that whatever problem you are experiencing, someone somewhere has experienced it and probably solved it. Probably the biggest disadvantage of studying online is the lack of a sense of community. You can watch movies, listen to music, read your favorite celebrity gossip columns and play games over the Internet. The fact that Internet has all information you could ever need is both a good thing and a bad things. Sometimes, it hurts while paying bills. People can shop in online stores like eBay, communicate with family and friends via Skype or Facebook, watch the latest videos on YouTube, blog and make money from it, and so much more. It carries a host of information about almost every subject and has very quickly become an indispensable part of everyone’s lives. It’s an instant process. 5. This has seen the emergence of retail giants such as Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba. They attack a computer with the sole intent of causing harm. Make sure to use a reliable payment processor instead of sending your details directly to an individual or business. Too much taste dulls the palate, The main advantage of the internet is the faster communication than any other device. Firstly, the internet can let a person to communicate with people in virtually any parts of the world through the internet or e-mail, without having to leave his room. All business deals started shifting towards working on the internet like transactions of money etc. But never let internet take over your life and get addicted to it. Too much music deafens the ear, Internet is advantageous if boys and girls will use it in good purpose. 2. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. We often tend to purchase those extra items that we rarely need. Services such as Skype have helped people from geographically segmented countries to interact and share ideas. It is now possibles to send a message to any parts of the world through a simple e-mail address and the message is delivered in matter of seconds. are available on many websites for free. These emails obstruct the recipient needlessly. Internet has been perhaps the most outstanding innovation in the field of communication in the history of mankind. You can also share music, videos and any other file. Two, it harms the executable boot files and most dangerous of all is the macro virus which has the ability to replicate and expand to all parts of files. Advantages of Internet. Information like educational related, government laws, market sales, stocks and shares, new creations, etc. Too much play madd... Too much color blinds the eye, This is quite perplexing as it always gets mixed up with important emails.