Another unusual thing to do with oatmeal? Instant oats are definitely a great way for consumers to enjoy a healthy breakfast. A Quaker nutrition expert weighs in on the different oats, and reveals her favorite savory oatmeal recipe. You can add oats to smoothies and even substitute ground oats for flour in some recipes, but here are nine of our favorite ways to enjoy all kinds of oats in a starring role: Making your own granola for topping yogurt or simply snacking is usually a lot healthier and sometimes more economical than buying it at the store (but it depends on what you want to add in). Q: Besides shape, texture and cooking time, are there any other important differences between these three popular types of oats? You can’t really say that one texture is inherently superior to the other texture. Oats are so versatile, and there are so many different things you can do with them. Rolled oats, or old-fashioned oats, are oat groats that have gone through a steaming and flattening process. You are still talking about a process that involves first steaming the oats, and then rolling them into the more familiar form of flakes. Also called old-fashioned or whole oats, rolled oats look like flat, irregularly round, … Thankfully, with the above definition, you can now begin to appreciate the various ways in which oats can be prepared and enjoyed. All oats begin as groats, or kernels of grain that are later processed into different varieties. Also, consider using different liquids to cook your oats in. This means the oils are stabilized, and the oats stay fresh longer. ... Quick oats are not the same as instant, packaged oats … Keeping this thought in mind, you can better appreciate any potential differences between rolled oats and old-fashioned oats. Any tricks for the best results? Another popular name for this type of oats is Irish oats. Originally written by Roxanne Webber in 2008; updated by Amy Sowder. But hey, you matter too. Chelsea Lincoln, a representative from Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, says this is important because “oats go rancid very quickly if not stabilized.”, Related Reading: How to Make Savory Slow Cooker Oatmeal. First of all, they're all good for you. Get our savory oatmeal recipe ideas. The larger surface area means they will cook more quickly than steel-cut oats. . This is what your summer is missing: Peaches and raspberries encased in a crust and topped with an oat-brown sugar streusel. . Oh, yes. Manager, Nutrition Sciences PepsiCo Global R&D. Header image courtesy of Westend61/ Getty Images. Get our Slow Cooker Steel-Cut Oatmeal recipe. In fact, some people actually call rolled/old-fashioned oats old-fashioned rolled oats. Doing this may help curb her curiosity about these foods without undermining the values of good nutrition you have instilled in her. Instant oats are also rolled thin, but are then “cooked and then dried again,” says Lincoln. What does it mean for the texture? You could really say that raw oats are the beginning of it all. . Scottish Oatmeal: Instead of cutting oats with a steel blade, the Scots traditionally stone-grind them, creating broken bits of varying sizes, which some say results in a creamier porridge than steel-cutting. (If you don’t drink alcohol, you can try making oat-infused milk…not to be confused with non-dairy oat milk, but still delicious.) If you're using oats in a non-oatmeal recipe, it is important to use what's called for so that the recipe comes out right. Absolutely nothing. If so, sign up for the Quaker Oats Center of Excellence newsletter. When it comes to oats in a general sense, there is no question that things can get very confusing very quickly. These are especially great during the summer, when you don’t want to heat up your kitchen more than it is already. A: Great question, and one that we get a lot. VIEW RECIPE, Gluten Free Oatmeal THEY ARE BEST FOR HEALTH BENEFITS. . Lori Alexander, MSc. Stone grinding the oats can give you Scottish oatmeal. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. These are chewy, sweet, soft, and a little crunchy on top with the oat crumble. Sip it straight or try it cut with cream in our Quaker Shaker recipe. From there, the whole oat groats are processed differently depending on what type of oatmeal they are being made into: Lincoln says that to make steel-cut oats (also known as Irish oats), the groats are chopped up with steel blades. Get our Peach Melba Pie recipe. The less processed the oats are, the more nutrition they retain. It would be better to allow her to sample these foods on occasion than to ban them entirely. In addition to old fashioned rolled oats and instant rolled oats, you have several more different types of oats that you can consider. If so, what are they? Q: Are there major differences in the health benefits of steel-cut, rolled and instant oats? . On the weekends, I like brunch-style savory oats. To look at things another way, there are basically two different kinds of rolled oats. Whole oat groats is another type. Wait, what? They’re not a good swap in homemade granola or in recipes where the oats are used for a crumbly, crunchy topping. There aren't any major differences in the nutrition benefits of the three types of oats. . This gives you a better surface area. Rolling your oats into even thinner flakes can give you something different from old-fashioned oats. You are talking about two different names for the exact same type of oat. Quick oats are cut into more pieces, rolled thinner, and steamed longer. Rolled Oats – regular (old fashioned) Rolled oats (sometimes called old fashioned oats) are created when oat groats are steamed and then rolled into flakes. In a pinch, instant oats can also usually be used in place of the above in things like oatmeal cookies (where they’re fully mixed into the batter), but the texture will be even softer and the cook time may be significantly shorter, so be sure to check for doneness sooner.