You never know, she may be someone we really want him to repair his relationship with. The pay off was Almost worth the wait. If there is a second season I’m on board. However, I have faith that whichever direction Song Hwa goes, she will find happiness so I can be satisfied for now. Drama Geek: So… I’m in the middle of both of your opinions. Hospital Playlist ended much too soon for me. Kmuse: I am so completely satisfied. He responds with a super sweet kiss. The fact that Daddy Long Legs is head over heels in love with Resident Jang helps him make up his mind. Jun-Wan looks at the rings and calls Ik-Sun to tell her he is coming over while Seok-Hyeong tells his friend that his father left him everything in his will; he wanted him to quit his job and run the company. May 29, 2020 4:49 am Share this article. I realize that we are going to have to wait to find out what happens but I am thrilled we actually got to a confession moment. Published: 29 May 2020 at 2:50 pm  on I would have loved seeing that progression! How about Rosa and the Chairman? pg.acq.push(function() { When in reality he was orbiting Resident Jang from the beginning. Junwan wanted to give a ring to her before she leaves for England but he hesitates to give her as he is worried that Iksun feels pressure because of the ring. They didn’t make us listen to the story again, but she did tell him. window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('impressionViewable', function(event) { It has been great watching them over the weeks as they all have very different methods while sharing the same passion and dedication for their patients. Kmuse: I loved how he laid out his feelings and that he felt he had to do it or he would miss his chance again. Sadly, Marshmallow Doc can’t even see Ik Soon off at the airport because of an emergency surgery. Back in the garden, Ik-joon spots Gyu-wool sitting in a daze, and he guesses her problem is related to Jung-won. He then heads outside with Jae-Hak to clear his head. Moreover, we finally saw Ik-jun tell Seong-hwa that he has fallen for her and expects to hear from her soon after he returns from his symposium in Spain. Seok-Hyeong explains that his situation is difficult and it might hurt her. Overall, Hospital Playlist’s last episode is a fitted ending for a very enjoyable and easy to watch medical drama. This combined with the fact that he has also fallen in love with Gyeo-wool is what changes Jeong-won's mind about leaving the country to pursue his passion to be a priest. }); The final episode of Hospital Playlist is a long one, but every minute feels worth it knowing that this is the end. Seokhyeong determined not to make any relationship after he saw Shinhye was hurt by the surroundings. Jun-Wan tells him to speak to him when he does and he will do his best to help. He can be a loner, and he was not too happy at first when Min Ha came into the office to eat ramen together. We have a new OTP and they don’t disappoint in the least. I’m happy that she is taking time to heal. But that look of dismay when his ex-wife calls him at the very end proves that he has a lot to deal with. Telzeytalks: We don’t know for sure why the package came back. The long hours in surgery are doing nothing to help her heal. Over the almost 2-hour long episode, we see how the five of them try to work through their emotions while serving different patients. He hesitated to enter the Kyewool’s emergency room due to an allergy. Let’s find out where they ended things in season one of Hospital Playlist. ga('ads.send', { Here’s the link: Start-Up: Ep 10 Demo Day, Part 1 Now, let’s move on to the rest before the new episodes roll in. The finale had a hidden surprise for followers of the mini-series. When she mentions the name Baek Seon-Jeong, Yan Bok bursts into tears as she realizes Song-Hwa was the doctor who took great care of her mother and made her want to become one too. After the transplant, Ik-Jun finds the mother and child of Chang-Hak to tell them the surgery was a success. Season 2 will probably begin with a happy reunion, and it may introduce the new life goals of these five friends. Telzeytalks: I have loved this show, and am counting down to the second season. Before Ikjun leaves, he visits Songhwa and says.