And on that note, it’s time for an ad break.. Not only did Vegemite Salt Reduced knock the original product off the top spot – it also duped our taste testers. No US rock band references here, dear friends. I’m glad you pointed out that Our Mate isn’t exactly the same as Marmite. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. I’m more of a beans on toast man. Who knew? Answers on a postcard please. Good to know someone else noticed the difference! Next post: Who is Australia’s Funniest Comedian? At today’s exchange rate, it costs about for £4.60 for 230gms. But all three of us agreed this thing was absolutely disgusting. It’s clearly popular enough here for Coles to stock it though. YBS include marmite, vegemite, promite, aussiemite. It appears to be the gen stuff. Students of the history of Western Civilisation, in particular that of Australia, which incidentally is a southern civilisation, well some bits of it, mainly on it’s Eastern Coast, which really makes it an eastern civilisation.., well, most of you would be aware that this depends on how you are holding a map or using a world globe as a basket, right.. yes; Australia is populated by an astounding number of UK migrants and their offspring and the multitudanal, multicultural offspring of the aforementioned offspring. This too appears to be the gen stuff. We evaluated symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress scores (DASS) in participants who consume or do not consume YBS. The Federal Court heard Mr Smith had lodged an application for the name OzEmite in October 1999, although he didn't launch the spread until 2012 – almost a decade after AussieMite hit the shelves. Lea and Perrins is easily our favourite Worcestershire sauce, so I can’t point you towards anything better. What It’s Really Like to Be Bitten by a Redback Spider, Australia’s Best Beers and Lagers by BobinOz. Luckily I found a local online store still with stock – so I bought 4 jars. YBS commonly consumed in Australia/NZ/UK are a rich source of vitamin B. YBS improve anxiety and stress scores compared to people that do not consume YBS. I have yet to find a comparable australian mint sauce to the one shown in your picture of the english section. We should be stocked up until our next visit.haha. If your comment doesn’t get answered, find out why….. Worse, culinary thoughts about mint in British cuisine are not really more forthcoming over the 19th century view. And the Best City in Australia to Live in Is…. A significant improvement was noted in anxiety and stress but not depressive symptoms in those consuming YBS. After all, it’s been strongly suggested that it originated somewhere within the Empire. As for the rest of it, I couldn’t care less, but I have to say for a very small ‘English Section’ it brought back some quite fond memories. A true loaves and fishes story. Our Mate seems to have some connection with the Philippines, so I wonder what the market is like in Asia. For the record, I think the best of the Australian stuff is AussieMite. Not something that can be said out loud in Australia, except online anonymously. • YBS commonly consumed in Australia/NZ/UK are a rich source of vitamin B. I read Shakespeare had a thing for Tewkesbury mustard and this excitement I was hoping to get in Colman’s but it wasn’t to be. "It just seemed sensible to me that our OzEmite name, we came up with it first, and we should be allowed to keep it," he said. Well, it didn’t take you long to cotton on to the local lingo did it? 520 participants completed a survey consisting of 70–94 questions relating to the consumption of YBS, dietary and lifestyle habits and mood symptoms of DASS. The Huntsman Spider: Is His Bite Dangerous to Humans? Ah yes, the English section. It seemed ours lasted a generation. You can get ‘fluff’ in France? Our Mate does have the consistency and piquant sharpness of Marmite but spread too thickly and you end up with the bitterness of Vegemite. For a gardener, it is like the common blackberry. I am, of course, given a shopping list to work from and I like to have a quick look through it before I embark on my journey to the store. So I bought some in an English food store and remain a bit unsure about it, though it probably is good mixed into a baste for a roast. Beware.. the ones with corn flour! Dick Smith had been fighting for over 15 years with his rival, Roger Ramsey, who produced a similar product under the AUSSIEMITE trade mark. OzEmite wins battle of the patriotic spreads. I’ve looked everywhere here in Australia for fluff, can’t get it for love nor money. I always found Marmite could be spread thicker without getting that bitter aftertaste (something you get with Vegemite with even the thinnest layer). For those who don’t know, and that’s probably quite a few, these are all local colloquialisms in the Midlands area for paths or alleyways. The Malaysian stuff cost me a whopping £7.05 equivalent for 230gms.