Reading books works much the same way for your mind. If you were looking for a simple way to make a mask, I am happy to share how I personally make them. ". Copyright 2020 by Self Development Secrets. Have you ever listened in on a conversation your child was having about a favorite book or book series with a friend? It allows you to understand and experience these other systems of living and other worlds. In reality, tweens continue to actively develop their ability to read. it also educates individuals on life’s basic but delicate and sacred issues like love and death. It’s not just about becoming a good reader; it’s about becoming a good person. An example would be William Shakespeare’s stories, where each one is meant to be reflective of human nature – both the good and bad. With the ability to see the world with a pair of fresh eyes, it triggers the reader to reflect upon their own lives. Thirteen countries in the world have literacy rates below 50%. Rebecca is an author, entrepreneur and most of all a wife and mother of 2. Next week i am going to make presentation about Literature, so i benefited from this essay. "Tailoring the Fit: Reading Instruction and Middle School Readers. Reading expands these skills, and we begin to look at a sentence with a larger sense of detail and depth and realize the importance of hidden meanings so that we may come to a conclusion. Benefits. This sharpening of the mind will eventually heighten your focus when concentrating on something important. This is probably the most obvious value of the literature review. Joel Forman, MD, is a board-certified pediatrician and associate professor of pediatrics, environmental medicine, and public health at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. If you like the creamy cheesy essence of mac and cheese, look no further, this recipe is for you. Today the world is nothing like it was in the 15th century; people have changed largely. You read that little fact right. This article has not been reviewed by Odyssey HQ and solely reflects the ideas and opinions of the creator. I read, This year, my son Jonathan (who is 25) asked my mom for help in building a quality library. If you don’t have much time to read, you can try book reviews using the Blinkist App, read our Blinkist review, for audiobooks, check out our Audible review and Kindle Unlimited review here. First and foremost, literature opens our eyes and makes us see more than just what the front door shows. Those who write, know the importance of reading books. Words and phrases, if you read every day, fill your brain with a new vocabulary that you might never have learned without reading books. Finally, reading literature can expand a tween's emotional range. Because of these worlds and characters, the part of your brain which houses your imagination is stimulated, causing you to imagine what the places and people look like just by picturing the words. — P. T. Barnum. This type of reasoning is less advanced than that of older teens and twentysomethings, who realize that truth is relative and varies from person to person. With reading being an excellent way to improve your imagination, it is no wonder that books have been a favourite for so many years. Be sure to flip through print books the next time you’re feeling stressed. This can be proven through public school systems, where the books that are emphasized the most tend to have a moral-teaching purpose behind the story. Though reading is perfect for entertainment, there’s more to it than just the entertainment factor. Challenges are good. Reading is a great way to improve yourself all around. The plays written by the world's most famous playwright grapple with the timeless themes of betrayal, hunger for political power and the complicated dance of romantic love. Thank you, {{}}, for signing up. And, well, let's be honest, is hard to shop for? We need literature in order to connect with our own humanity. Assessment of the current state of research on a topic. As a reader, you probably don’t think of the great benefits of reading either, but they are there even when you don’t realise it. Biographies of great people, real-life stories of courage, sacrifice and other good values never fail to inspire readers. It’s not just about becoming a good reader; it’s about becoming a good person. Progressively, as people grow older, they explore other genres of books, ones that propel them towards curiosity of the subject, and the overall book. While joyful, the holiday season can also be stressful for many and that's A-O.K. The benefits that literature offers reveals how important its role is. Reading, It’s lasting. In this rapidly evolving high-tech world, there is something deeply comforting about the fact that after 500 years, some things seem fixed and steady. These may be the need for growth, doubts, and fears of success and failure, the need for friends and family, the goodness of compassion and empathy, trust, or the realization of imperfection. Your day will be just a little bit brighter, and you can breathe easy. By pulling your mind away from the stress at hand, you can relax and let the stress levels melt away. While it is physically written in words, these words come alive in the imagination of the mind, and its ability to comprehend the complexity or simplicity of the text. From vacations to a quick moment while waiting in the carpool line, reading is an effective means of relaxation in an otherwise busy world. Literature Helps Expand Horizons An important aspect of literature lies in how it can help expand the horizons of its readers. It’s easy to enjoy books when you’re merely reading for pleasure. In Shakespeare's own words, "What's past is prologue. Books can hold and keep all kinds of information, stories, thoughts and feelings unlike anything else in this world. Stacy Smith is a writer based in Austin, Texas. To give you the motivation to lose yourself in a beautiful story once again, here are seven benefits of reading literary fiction: 1. These advantages help to make readers well-rounded individuals. With the ability to entertain and induce peacefulness, reading has been a constant comfort to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Log in, Sign up for the monthly newsletter and receive a free copy of. As a result of facing such serious dilemmas, the characters must actively move from lower-level to higher-level reasoning over the course of the book. From a very young age, many are exposed to literature in the most stripped down form: picture books and simple texts that are mainly for the sole purpose of teaching the alphabet etc. I have had many different types of baked mac and cheese and most are dry. Literature also gives readers a pathway to new experiences. Quality books often contain thought-provoking socio-ethical situations, thus leading to character development (note: I made up that phrase “socio-ethical,” but I like it, so I’m going with it). 1. Care to guess what keeps the work of William Shakespeare in perennial production? caskets of jewels and coffers of gold, literature also forms a source of livelihood to thousands of people, starting from writers,characters in plays, editors, printers,distributors and… Read more ». Thank you! Tutor and Freelance Writer. It allows me to travel to other places and other times. Deep down, you know what you need to thrive and I know that you can get there. Developmental Benefits of Reading Literature, Ⓒ 2020 About, Inc. (Dotdash) — All rights reserved. Both novels, and other literature can help solve the issues that stress causes by allowing your mind and body to relax. If you were to read a book or article on the matter written by a Muslim woman, you could learn to start seeing things from her perspective. Regular reading doesn’t just help with your critical thinking, but it also improves your brain function. They accept information that is provided to them by experts — including parents and teachers — and that they themselves experience with their own senses. Verywell Family uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Books can bring joy to your life on a daily basis. Why is reading good for you?Books are amazing things that can be both entertaining and beneficial to your health. This type of reasoning is less advanced than that of … Exposure to diversity can aid in tweens' empathy for others, tolerance for difference and development of emotional sensitivity. Well then, why not send them some Open When Letters? Studying the literature of the English language can enrich our lives in ways we never imagined. Life before literature was practical and predictable, but in present day, literature has expanded into countless libraries and into the minds of many as the gateway for comprehension and curiosity of the human mind and the world around them. Tweens typically believe that there is "one truth" in the world that is not affected by personal biases or perspectives. I believe that life without Literature would be unacceptable , with it i respect myself and loved human life . I have a pretty small face in general, so I prefer having my homemade ones so they fit better.