Pulizzi makes the point that e-commerce brands can’t interrupt customers with mediocre content and sales messages they don’t care about and expect them to buy. And it does provide you with tips on how you can promote products with video, how you can create good videos suitable for promotion and so on. They’ve found creative ways to provide their shoppers with genuinely valuable content like the “Beardsman Quiz” to help them figure out what style of facial hair is right for them. And with this book you get all of that information and assistance. If you want success with your business you need to ensure that it’s not a one-time wonder. It basically shows you how to use all great promotional mediums to generate more e-commerce sales. Our book Built to Scale focuses on the modern online marketplace and the opportunities that are out there for those that know how to rise above the noise. And there’s a sound body of evidence that shows inbound marketing is far more effective than outbound marketing. Internet marketing is very hard to figure out if you’re new to the industry. That’s why this book is a must-read, because it has all the info you need as you try to streamline everything. Clockwork is an interesting book because it goes with a topic that a lot of business owners tend to forget. And you also make it easier for yourself to clarify your message to make your customers listen. 15. These will cover the essentials and show you how to optimize many different aspects of your campaign, such as copywriting, content marketing, SEO, social media, and so on. Even if this is maybe the newest book in this list, it still is one of the best. And here you learn how to provide that great value for your online store. 80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More  But with this book you get to understand how you can generate leads and close sales naturally. KNOWN: The Handbook for Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age Meanwhile, new media, which focuses on inexpensive channels like search engines, social media, and blogs, have become highly effective and are ideal for connecting with a large scale audience. The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, Newsjacking, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly Rise of the Youpreneur: The Definitive Guide to Becoming the Go-To Leader in Your Industry and Building a Future-Proof Business The wealth of information and great attention to detail is what will push you onward while reading. When you want to create a marketing plan you want to keep things as simple and as good as possible. The best part is that it’s completely free. The reason is simple, it has a plethora of good information, and it’s really easy to adapt to your own requirements and ideas. By soaking in this wisdom, you can bypass a lot of the mistakes new brands make and accelerate your growth so that you end up with an online business that’s poised for long-term success. This is your ticket to getting your brand in front of your target audience and driving ongoing organic traffic to your site. This book is ideal for those who want to create a number-driven and informed company. Should you read this book? It’s also great that you have examples for most tips and points. Croll and Yoskovitz cover the different stages of a startup, and the metrics that matter at each stage. You get to see how companies create a story, what works for them and what can be improved. Adam Clarke does a very good job at showing you all the relevant SEO information. David Meerman Scott is a world-renowned online marketing strategist and has published multiple books on marketing. 19. It’s a good idea to study as much as possible. So if you want your company to grow, you have to know what and when to say it. He shares what works and what doesn’t, and it makes the experience as comprehensive and as professional as possible. Now that everyone is flooded with content, having a good handle on writing is more important than ever to stand out. There are helpful business cases throughout the book, but it’s Ries’ advice that takes the main stage. She’s a proud Texan who spends her free time cuddling her dog, learning Japanese and rereading Harry Potter. 17. And here you learn how to provide that great value for your online store. For instance, inbound produces 54 percent more leads than outbound, and those leads cost 61 percent less. This nifty guide explains how to minimize wasteful spending and maximize your profits and competitive position. Stone avoids diving too deep into the criticism about how Amazon treats its employees, including the questionable mass layoffs and factory conditions of fulfillment centers. And with this book, you get to achieve all of that. The book is more suited for beginners with a business mindset as it offers useful advice and suggestions on how to invent and improve creativity. People may have their own opinions about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, but it’s difficult to deny that the growth and customer loyalty of his business has shaken eCommerce as we know it. But many times it all comes down to the methods you use. The author, Brad Stone, had unprecedented access to several former and current Amazon employees and Bezos family members who supplied him in-depth information on how Bezos transformed his company to make it what it is today.