I have not tried the new paper yet but I will update this post when I do. (120 gsm). Bellow you can see which range of weight gives us best paper for colored pencils, everything that is green is great. Hot pressed paper is smoother and will give you the most detail. A lot of artist like to use good hot pressed watercolour paper such as Arches hot pressed watercolour paper for drawing. This sizing makes the paper slippery and doesn’t hold the graphite well. Lower quality paper is made from wood pulp. Most people go for high quality pencils and other supplies but completely ignore the paper. You do need to be careful, though. It's a fairly heavy, 80 lb paper, and is acid free. These terms usually refer to watercolour paper. I also have Parkinson’s. When buying paper, it is best to get a good quality paper. I hope this post was helpful in making your decision. Smooth texture is great for markers. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Let me tell you, choosing the right kind of paper is extremely important. They are generally acidic, so will fade over time. Strathmore Medium Weight Drawing Paper Pad; With Strathmore’s third entry into our list of reviews, you should get an idea of how well they have mastered the art of making papers for all kinds of purposes, especially colored-pencil papers. It's quite smooth, but has enough tooth to hold the several layers of charcoal that I like to work with. Yet, a minimally sized watercolor paper will have an excellent tooth and smooth surface, without the slipperiness of Bristol Plate. It's a good idea to try both to see which suits your drawing style. Cold pressed paper has some texture to it and feels rougher to the touch. You want the best quality/price ratio you can get. Artists have many choices when it comes to drawing paper, but how do you choose which one to use? Artist Helen South works in graphite, charcoal, watercolor, and mixed media. Thinner paper will tear easier and ruin your work. I recommend buying a small amount of different papers to try out and find the one that is right for you. If you purchase something from this page, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Most drawing papers fall somewhere in between with a mix of cotton and wood fibers. Printer copying paper generally has a weight of 20lbs ( .75 gsm). I think your comment was disrespectful and not relevant. This one has a softer surface so it really doesn't take to lots of reworking and you'll need to erase with care. It is a very nive drawing but if the definition was a little clearer I think it might look even better. When buying paper, it is best to get a good quality paper. This paper has a smooth to medium surface that enables me to get fairly decent darks. It has just the right amount of tooth and can take many layers of pencil. Let's explore which types of papers artists prefer for graphite pencil drawings. this is good information. A plate finish is good for very fine detail and precise lines, while a velour surface will allow for richer darks still give a slightly visible texture. All drawing papers are not alike. It is not smooth enough to get super fine details but it serves well for most drawings. Best Paper For Graphite Drawings Common GSM Weights and Their Uses 25 lb (approx 40 gsm): tracing paper 30-35 lb (approx 45-50 gsm): newsprint 50-60 lb (approx 75-90 gsm): sketching or practice paper — thick enough to work on with pencils, charcoal, or pastels,... 70-80 lb … The downside is that the paper is off white, so not the best choice if you want really white whites. These papers will not fade or discolour over time. However, once you use it, … For graphite drawings with a moderate degree of realism, a drawing paper like Strathmore Series 400 is a good place to begin. Papers made from wood fibre or a combination of wood and cotton fibres are chemically treated to make them acid free. The type of paper is dependent on the style of drawing you do and the purpose of your drawing. If you click on a link for an affiliate partnership, a cookie will be placed on your browser to track any sales for the purposes of commissions. Differences in tooth, material, finish, weight and colour can all make a big difference in the finished quality of your drawing. Read on to get more information about the papers available. Strathmore 400 series Drawing Paper. Fabriano Artistico Hot Press Watercolour Paper. The surfaces are strong, tough, and very smooth. When you're just starting to draw the choices in paper and pencils can be overwhelming. Another popular option that some realist artists prefer is hot-pressed watercolor paper. Many professional artists opt for bristol board rather than paper for their realist tonal drawings. Stonehenge is a versatile paper, available in white, off-white, cream, gray and natural. For more information click here.**. I like the smoothness of this paper for getting fine detail. Some of our smooth surfaced papers include: 400 Series Drawing Smooth This Website may engage in affiliate marketing, which is done by embedding tracking links into the website. One of my favourite papers to use for both graphite and coloured pencil. Newsprint is one example of this type of paper. It is much harder to get really dark darks, but recently I bought a set of Mars Lumograph black pencils which give me a pretty good dark. So many things factor into those decisions. 20 lb – 50 lb This is office paper, for printers and similar things. Cotton fibres are naturally acid free, therefore cotton fibre papers are naturally archival. The photo might not show on your computer , it is very clear on mine. **This page may contain affiliate links to products I have used or recommend. If you purchase something from this page, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Most drawing paper has a coarse texture and that will work against you. 100 percent cotton, buffered, acid-free, machine-made. I am sharing what I learn about art, my positive attitude and an occasional belly laugh to inspire and motivate. The best paper for graphite drawing should be over 80 lbs. Rough texture is more suited to charcoal or pastels. My printer of choice for my pencil drawing reproductions is North Coast Litho. When we talk about the weight of the paper we are referring to the papers thickness. However, if you are selling your drawings, you will want to use a high-quality drawing paper. You also have to take into consideration the archival quality of the paper and whether or not you are just sketching or doing a piece for commission or sale. It's a common question, especially for those who are new to drawing. Strathmore 300 Series brings a heavier Bristol paper. Here are some of my favourite papers to use. Don’t go for the cheapest you can find. Thinner paper will tear easier and ruin your work. Strathmore Smooth Papers. Required fields are marked *. Strathmore 500 Series Plate Drawing or Plate Bristol papers are our very smoothest. The purpose of your pencil drawing will determine the type and weight of the paper. The heavier weight is better for drawing since it can take more erasure and can handle the constant pressure from the pencil better. Sometimes artists are intimidated by the higher initial cost of offset printing. How To Express Emotions In Your Drawing - Trembeling Art, 10 Tips to Improve Your Drawing Skills - Trembeling Art. For graphite or colored pencil, a medium texture is best. Creator of art, writer of words, mother of six. Some watercolor papers have too much size and are slippery, making them less than ideal for grabbing the graphite of your pencils. As you gain the confidence you can add to your paper collection and explore some of the other options. The smoother the paper, the more difficult it can be to produce an even shade. This paper is good for mechanical drawing and can be used with charcoal, ink, pen, markers and even airbrush. She wrote "The Everything Guide to Drawing. This article was very helpful, thanks! The info was helpful thank you for choosing to share your knowledge.. There are many other papers on the market that you can try. (120 gsm). ROBERT BROOK/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY / Getty Images. **This page may contain affiliate links to products I have used or recommend. The way Pamela phrased it was not at all insulting, and I do think the photo was a little blurry. Just to give you an idea of various weights of paper: Computer printer paper : 20lbs Drawing paper: 60-80lbs Decent watercolor paper: 140lbs Which drawing paper you use comes down to a personal choice. Try Fabriano Artistico Extra White or Arches Bright White hot press. The heavier weight is better for drawing since it can take more erasure and can handle the constant pressure from the pencil better. The key is to select a paper surface (medium or smooth) based upon the effects you’re looking to … Best Papers for Colored Pencils. You should avoid them for drawings. Fabriano Artistico Aquarelle. If you want your sketches to last, choose acid-free sketch paper, and if you prefer a thicker paper, choose a heavier weight, at least 125 grams per square meter (gms) or 80 pounds.