Exeter is similar to Bath in size I suppose and is very pleasant. Devon outperformed 149 other local authorities on three broad measures: high levels of physical activity, volunteering and good air quality, but researchers also pointed out that the council had lower levels of inequality than comparable authorities. Barricane Beach, a sheltered cove near Woolacombe, North Devon – the county has topped a quality of life survey. It has also been ranked as the most anxious place to live within the country with a rating of 3.4 which is an increase from last year which only got a rating of 2.7. The estuary town leads a … Last modified on Mon 20 May 2019 10.23 BST. Best places to live in UK 2019: York was on the list, having taken first-place last year (Image: GETTY) Last year, the Sunday Times named York as its overall winner. Find your perfect community with our pick of the best towns, villages, cities and suburbs Regional … Top of the league table were … Entire Devon year group sent home after second Covid-19 case, A separate case was confirmed at the school earlier this week, All the Tier 2 rules explained as whole of Devon put into restrictions, What Tier 2 means - including rules on 'bubbles', pubs, school and shopping. “If you live here you can be on a beautiful beach in 20 minutes and you can be hiking on Dartmoor in 20 minutes,” he said. Ashburton is small and picturesque. However, this is these two years are the areas happiest it has been since recording started in 2011. The survey is conducted by the Office of National Statistics and is conducted on a March to March basis. It's also seen to be as one of the most anxious places in the county to live with a rating of 3. Devon's overall employment situation doesn't look too bad when you consider that 77% of people are employed, however only 35% are working what are considered normal full time hours of 35-45 per week.This suggests that while there is work to be had, finding stable full time jobs is harder than the employment stats may first make it seem. The two Devon villages to make it into the top 20 are Hope Cove, recently gaining national prominence as the stunning setting for the daytime BBC soap … Best Places to Live 2020 Happiness begins at home. Mid Devon has seen the biggest decrease in happiness going from 7.8 to 7.2. The happiest year for residents in the area was between 2014-2015 with a rating of 8.1. This is an increase from the 7.6 rating that it got between the year 2018-2019. Ilfracombe even Damien Hirst left. The largely rural county, which includes the university city of Exeter and the eco-hub of Totnes, provides more of the conditions necessary for wellbeing than any other authority in the country, the research finds. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Devon hospitality sector 'lambs to the slaughter' as Tier 2 announced, The leader of Torbay Council, Steve Darling, responds to today's Government announcement, War veteran, 97, guilty of sex assaults on five women in Exeter alleyway, Richard Staves targeted lone women and exploited their sympathy, Devon family thank locals one year after life-changing call, 'It's difficult to put into words how much we appreciate all of the little and the big things that people did', Man dies in tragic Buckfastleigh flat fire. You can unsubscribe at any time. The guide names Topsham, Devon, as the best place to live in the south west. Here is a list of the happiest and unhappiest places to live in Devon according to ONS. Hull also did badly, having particularly poor teenage health rates and fewer local businesses than other councils. Similar to Exeter it has been rated one of the places with the lowest anxiety with a rating of 2.6. Being ranked 7.9 this area is seen as one of the happiest places to live in Devon. Although Devon has a 7.8 happiness rating, it's increased by 0.2 from the year 2018-2019. Hi Devon is a great place to bring up a young family. Although, this is a decrease of 0.2 from the year 2018-2019 which came in at 8.2 which was still ranked as the happiest place to live within that year frame. Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw said Devon was blessed with fantastic countryside coupled with a successful economy. 139,690 participants rank their area on four separate sections: anxiety, life satisfaction, worthwhile and happiness all out of 10. Last modified on Mon 20 May 2019. Less-well-off residents have better access to the things that help them to live happy, fulfilling lives than their peers elsewhere,” said Liz Zeidler, chief executive of Happy City. Barricane Beach, a sheltered cove near Woolacombe, North Devon – the county has topped a quality … “It appears it is better to be poor in Devon than in other relatively wealthy areas. You can seach for all areas within a provided distances or travel time from a location filtered for your preferences for crime, house prices, schools and much more. Plymouth has also been ranked as one of the unhappiest places to live with a rating of 7.6, a slight increase of 0.1 from the previous year.