Comstock makes a different choice about how to deal with his past sins, but it isn't to have them washed away. Frozengale:But this is why some of the Lutece scenes are so very very important! Every time someone brings up his past he owns up to it. "Welcome to Columbia" resulted because Jim Bonney had a out-of-tune and off-key piano in his office. You sacrifice the best of your flock as a sort of penance for you sins, and the tradition of sacrifice ended in Jesus because he, as a perfect man, sacrificed himself to take up everyone's sins. I mean seriously. This developer did not end up quitting Irrational Games. The only times to determine if he thought less of a race was in your control. In fact, what he once considered terrible he now considers righteous - for God has forgiven him, and he wouldn't have sought the Lord's hand had it not been for those things he did which were terrible. There would always be a coin flipped heads. The best I saw was Lincoln instead of Washington as the "Patriot" bad guy. And actually becomes a good person that changes a lot of people's lives. I'm just saying that yes, Comstock was a racist, but he wasn't crazy racist. Hm, that does give the coin flip more context, but how much of a difference does there have to be to warrant an entirely different reality? All the universes in the game are branches of the one tree we see here. And what made our Booker the one to be able break the cycle if some things never change? It's not really obvious what Booker's views on race were in his youth. He's still probably a racist - certainly by modern standards - but the growth experience causes him to become progressive for the period. Sadly Booker decided to kill some cops and you never heard one more word about the scroll the key and the sword. It was wrong and I know it." These are set pre-determined things. And what made Wounded Knee appalling becomes right in Comstock's head. [2] For Schyman, "finding her theme was what helped me find the score". It's a masterclass in world-building and atmosphere, and Infinite simply can't compete. Meanwhile, Infinite copied many of the plasmids for its vigors, leading to a sense of repetition, and the ones they added, including charge, bees, and murder of crows, were just straight-up boring and useless. What he has actually convinced himself subconsciously is "My sins weren't really sins." Comstock was super religious because after the atrocities he committed at Wounded Knee, he went to the river and allowed himself to be Baptized. The script is much bigger, and it shows. Where did he get the intense racism and religious beliefs from? While some people declare it the masterpiece of the BioShock series, others proclaim that it wasn't nearly as good as the original. Hopefully, the next BioShock game goes back to the weapon wheel... if that ever comes to fruition. Bioshock Infinite video game theme, this is a re-work of my original and theme should fit most resolutions up to 1920x1080, if not let me know in the comments and if there is something i can do about it i will. Comstock will always create Columbia and become a horrible religious tyrant. Jimmy T. Malice:It still stretches belief that Comstock becomes a completely different person after the baptism. You simply traveled from one dark, dreary room to another dark, dreary room, rinse and repeat for ten hours. "And I ended up having a conversation with him; my first impulse was I don't want this guy to go because he was a good guy and a talented guy," Levine said. Over the course of 18 years it's not hard to imagine those men being so different.