Your sleeping position dictates the mattress support you may like to some extent as well. How much do I need to pay to get a good mattress? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm about to return my mattress in a box and I might end up checking out mattress firm. My wife and I bought one of the Novaform foam mattresses with the multiple layers in queen size (the full mattress, not just the topper), from Costco. Test the gel memory foam layers or any other cooling technology to see if it is actually working as promised or not. But you are right there are few if any major differentiation points a consumer can discern in a store or online. However, the sleep industry is constantly changing and newer, more innovative technologies are introduced every year. If you are choosing a foam mattress, then it is crucial you ask the salespeople how the mattress is constructed to eliminate hot sleep issue. However, 100% of the people pay for the privilege which only 7 use. Cookies help us deliver our Services. And I think we paid $600 which was far, far cheaper than the high-end foam mattresses. If it’s super cheap price, made in China mattress, it’s likely cheap for a reason. Well, Zinus has only been in business since 2002 (16 years) and for the first number of years, they were not profitable. Second - “I need a medium firm or 6/10” Do you know why you need a medium firm or 6/10 firmness? If the mattress feels comfortable enough, shortlist it. They are bought and paid for. The person that owns Zinus was the creator of the collapsible tent pole and the Northpole outdoor camping gear brand. If it’s a foam base with 2-3 layers of foam, likely only one layer is a specialty foam with the others being a poly foam variant. Advertising & Marketing. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This testing technique is related to your sleeping position. That said, many (most?) What's the markup from the retailer reselling it to you? PLEASE visit a local store and at a minimum discover how these comfort layers and support systems feel on your body. ILD will determine how much your mattress compresses when you lie down on the surface. For example, if you are a back sleeper, besides testing the mattress on your back, also lay down on your tummy and the sides. That’s just the way it is. 09 Didn’t like the Purple’s they had. Inland freight the container to a distribution center, unload it, stock it. It will also save you the hassle of returns and other mattress-buying drama. 100% agree with the above statement. All content must be related to Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, All posts and comments should be constructive, No buying, selling, trading, or advertising, No real-world political or religious content, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Buying one that is too soft or too firm will cost you significantly more in lower energy levels and back pain. On your sides, check if the mattress is giving proper support to your shoulders, hips, knees, neck and other pressure points. Agree completely about Denver Mattress, and I hate the in store experience at mattress firm. I'd look into a Casper mattress. Once you find a bed (or two) that meet your comfort expectations, you can further test them for various sleep preferences and compare the beds to get the best features. I guess I could shell out hundreds of dollars for something "luxury cooling" but I have a feeling that the layer of polyurethane that makes it waterproof will feel pretty much the same on every model. If you tend to sleep in one position most of the night, the difficulty of changing position may not be an issue for you. My wife and I bought one of the Novaform foam mattresses with the multiple layers in queen size (the full mattress, not just the topper), from Costco. I have no real hard data to offer to this point but I do know that in 2017 the online mattress companies sold about $3 billion dollars worth on mattresses to consumers. We've only had it for five months or so but we like it a lot so far. Despite what you are being told it is wrong. You’ll get all the details. Alternatively, some companies like Sherwood Bedding who we sell on our floor make beds that are far heavier (density of components equals quality in both foam and steel) than their name brand counterparts. Sealy/Sterns & Foster - have never sold, never have been convinced enough of their quality to display and sell their product. IMO this is time well spent as compared to ordering two and three or more mattresses. But if you replace every 2-3 years you’re not saving any money as compared to something you could use for 7-10 years and you put less strain on our environment as well. Honestly, there is no harm in trying these new mattress models. Six - Free and easy returns cost you money. And that is why it is imperative that you try out the mattress before making a final choice. Environment is always high pressure. Tempur-Pedic - bar none best quality in the home, 18 years of sales to make that statement. Sinkage provides instant pressure-relief; however, many dislike the “stuck in the mud” feel that accompanies. People usually get too distracted by the firmness labels on mattresses. I'm a Colorado resident, my latest challenge has been finding a reputable mattress store where I don't feel like the salesperson is trying to rope me for a commission. You see this here in the posts often "Only need a mattress for 3 years which is best, budget is $500-$1000" That person will be just fine with a crappy product because about the time it begins to fail is the time they are moving on anyway. As far as I can tell they are basically the same as the Casper mattresses. This will help you identify how the mattress surface is adjusting to your body curves and gaps between the surface and your body. Change a couple of positions in bed and see if you can do so easily or it takes some added effort. That really sucks. Do you feel the same way about these products as those found in a store? Again all this online research and intake of other people’s opinions is really truly meaningless if you discover you really don’t like the materials you bought.