Leftovers can be stored in a sealed container in the fridge for up to 3 days. WATCH: How to Make Easter Candy Snack Cake, I wrote the recipe specifically to minimize the number of different ingredients called for (because who is stoked to see a recipe calling for two different types of flour right now?). Spicy yet sweet and soft. Just because. For the walnuts called for in the recipe, you can substitute whatever nuts you like and/or have around. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Enter, Carrot Cake “Brownies.”. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mix-and-match ingredients a bit according to what works for you. RELATED: How to Keep Baking Even If You Don’t Have All of the Ingredients In You Pantry. Recipe developer. I didn’t include shredded coconut in the brownies’ batter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Next on my list is to make raw carrot brownies or secretly healthy carrot brownies that have the same flavor as these fudge carrot brownies. Besides fresh grated carrots, carrot cake recipes traditionally call for bonus flavor/texture boosters like walnuts or pecans, raisins, and coconut to be stirred into the batter. If you like chilled carrot cake (or chilled brownies) these will hit the spot for you served chilled. Or maybe you just don’t keep walnuts stocked in your kitchen. I also added a little cinnamon because it compliments the chocolate flavor so well and reminds me of carrot cake. Print Yield: 12 Carrot Cake Cream Cheese Blondies. However, it’s not an essential step to the recipe’s overall success, so if you’re in a rush (or straight-up don’t feel like it), it’s alright to bypass this step. So YUMMY! I love traditional carrot cake, but here’s the thing, where cake is finickey, blondies—A.K.A. Cook Time 27 minutes. Reply. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Whatever you might have around to add a touch of sunshine will be fantastic. Again… no biggie. No all-purpose flour or butter is necessary. Whether you're cooking for yourself or for a family, these easy dinners are sure to leave everyone satisfied and stress-free. It not only adds the two above components, but it’s also relatively low in starch (starch = carbs + sugar). Enter, the humble carrot. Plus, rice flour does an exceptional job of absorbing moisture—so, in a recipe like this, where we’re incorporating moisture (via the grated carrots) that’s not typically present in a cookie bar, the rice flour allows us to maintain a delightfully dense, satisfying blondie texture. The addition of carrots in these brownies really give a little texture and a hint of carrot cake flavor. Don't over-mix! Or you can use a blend; I had great success with trying a blend of 1 cup rice flour and ½ cup all-purpose. Yes, of course, it completes the look and makes for an even tastier final product. Add brownie mix powder, cinnamon powder, chocolate chips and mix until just combined. One day, however, I started pondering additions that would not only add moisture, but also a natural sweetness. If you're looking for a simple recipe to simplify your weeknight, you've come to the right place--easy dinners are our specialty. (I mean, the batter comes together in a single saucepan.) Pour batter in a square pan. It is “the icing on the cake” in every sense. Find the best carrot cake recipe, with or without pineapple, plus recipes for carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and other easy carrot-y treats. To get perfect EVEN slices, make sure to let the brownies cool down and then cut even slices. That said, I would proceed with caution before substituting liquid sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. brownies, sans chocolate—are flexible. Not all baking recipes are this way, but right now, you can take some (reasonable) liberties and still produce something utterly incredible. These are not the same as carrot blondies or carrot cake bars because those do not have chocolate or cocoa powder. Prep Time 5 minutes. Then, add the brownie mix, cinnamon, chocolate chips and mix everything until just combined. (If you go all AP, I would add a couple of extra tablespoons of flour to offset the additional moisture in the recipe.) Or bottled lemon juice if that’s what you have. DIRECTIONS. Staff Picks Carrot Cake Cheesecake Rating: Unrated 17 A great carrot cake and a traditional cheesecake all in one bite. toasting the flour. Some folks have tree nut allergies. Such a great idea! It's super fudgy and moist and packed with chocolate and shredded carrots. Alright, so this is an easy one: The Lemony Cream Cheese frosting is entirely optional. Staff Picks Carrot Cake Cheesecake Rating: Unrated 17 A great carrot cake and a traditional cheesecake all in one bite. The thing is, not everyone likes coconut and raisins. This easy carrot brownies recipe starts off with a box mix and requires simple ingredients. The recipe calls for dark brown sugar, because it provides such a depth of molasses sweetness, but it’s completely fine to substitute light brown sugar or even granulated sugar. Peel the carrots, then grate them just until you have 3 1/2 cups (350g) of grated carrots. As I’ve said before, toasting flour can do a lot for the flavor depth of a recipe. (Understandable.) The cinnamon and ground ginger really go the extra mile. That has certainly been my own experience. Pour the batter into a square pan (Dimensions: 9x9), lined with aluminum foil and sprayed with oil. I’m not a fan of wasting food either so I can definitely see myself making these when I have a ton of carrots on hand!