Prominently display the debate question where everyone can see it. Specific Tips Take special care in prepping your moderator and modeling facilitator behaviors before the debate. Every point was not supported. All arguments were clearly tied to an idea (premise) but the organization was sometimes not clear or logical. Most statements and responses were respectful and in appropriate language, but there was one sarcastic remark. &. Which of these issues do you most care about? Did the candidates seem self-confident or ill at ease? Primary Debate Worksheet. 701-705, and/or 4) the research handout. Sticking to time frames and valuing all viewpoints is the best way to limit conflicts. (Why or why not?) This preview shows page 1 - 2 out of 2 pages. Use this worksheet as model from which to prepare your debate. All students should be given the opportunity to journal immediately after the debate. A well-run debate is a joy to behold but involves necessary time for prepping students in procedure and general management of the day. Pages 2. What was the most interesting argument presented? What was the best thing you observed? This is practically guaranteed to provide you the quality that is unrivaled by any other similar template. Know when you need to step in and bring a heated argument under control - design a special cue for the moderator if they feel they need your assistance. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Most information presented in the debate was clear, accurate and thorough. 701-705, and/or 4) the research handout. 13. One or more members of the team had a presentation style that did not keep the attention of the audience. Online PD Courses with dozens of topics to choose from for your CEU credits and building new skills! EW Lesson Plans. N N ò Tips and Tricks For Running A Classroom Debate General Tips: To increase the likelihood of a successful debate: Pick a strong student who is well-respected by the class as the moderator - one who will not shy away from providing firm control and yet will honor and respect all viewpoints. You may also see Alphabet Worksheet Examples in PDF. This reflection allows for the growth of the skills necessary to achieve quality debates and high levels of thinking. Rubric for Assessment of the Debate CATEGORY 4 points3 points2 points1 pointUnderstanding of Topic The team clearly understood the topic in-depth and presented their information forcefully and convincingly. (Did they attack their opponents? EW Worksheets. ¦ Help young learners with debating … EW Professional Development. Presidential-Debate-Worksheet-2016.doc - Name Date Time... School Sachse H S; Course Title GOVERNMENT 101; Uploaded By LieutenantFire877. The team clearly understood the topic in-depth and presented their information with ease. ANIMAL: Student: Pros - What are the positive aspects about this animal? This reflection allows for the growth of the skills necessary to achieve quality debates and high levels of thinking. By Kameza A worksheet that I designed based on different definitions on what does it make a succesful person 28,900 Downloads . Reading Comprehension- What Makes People Succesful? Bullet point the main ideas for each side below: Bullet point the main ideas for each side below: Encourage the speaking members to come in costume, if appropriate. While the opposing sides or special interest groups are working, you should be "huddling" with audience members to prepare them for asking incisive questions and finding data to refute viewpoints that may be given. The team seemed to understand the main points of the topic and presented those with ease. =   ³ ª Ê o q r ¦ íØʺ¬™Œ�Œ�Œ�™�r�f�rWD %h+ h,e 5�;�CJ OJ QJ \�aJ h6� h6� 5�;�CJ \�aJ h6� h¨Ë 5�CJ aJ h6� h¨Ë 5�;�CJ \�aJ h6� h¨Ë CJ aJ h6� h¨Ë CJ ^J aJ $h6� h¨Ë 5�6�CJ \�]�^J aJ j h+ UmH nH u h+ 5�6�CJ \�]�^J aJ h¨Ë 5�6�\�]�^J aJ )h¨Ë h¨Ë 5�CJ OJ QJ \�]�^J aJ #h+ 5�CJ OJ QJ \�]�^J aJ / 0 1 u & } How effective were their answers? Therefore, you need to read over the main points and record the main points of each side. Presentation Style Team consistently used gestures, eye contact, tone of voice and a level of enthusiasm in a way that kept the attention of the audience. In order to be prepared for the debate, you need to be familiar with the subject of the debate. Pro 1: Con 1: Pro 2: Con 2: Pro Summary: Con Summary: Pro Final Focus: Con Final Focus Position or opinion: Reason 1: Detail: Detail: Detail: Detail: Reason 2: Detail: Detail: Detail: Detail: Opposing view summary: Detail / discredit: Detail / discredit: Detail / discredit: Instructions. Potential Problems Teachers are notoriously wary of debates, because they are a very student-centered activity that is not under direct control by the teacher. Invite parents or school leaders to the debate and hold it in a larger location Videotape or photograph the debate. What strategies did you see the candidates use? This can be confusing as one encounters an alphabet soup of names. What was the most interesting idea to come from the other side?