Cure will: Great examples of Cured Sausage include deli meats like Salami, Bologna, Pepperoni, and Summer Sausage. A plate can be used as a weight to keep the meat immersed in your brine. The first issue is that table salt is iodized. For flavor I’ve used fresh rosemary, fennel seed, cayenne, juniperberries, and other dried herbs. A reaction then causes the nitrites to turn into nitric oxide (NO). I live in France and it’s impossible to get my hands on cure #2 ! However, because the risks of food poisoning are so severe, you shouldn’t rely on salt curing alone to preserve meat. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Interesting stuff, really like the frozen jug tip to keep the food covered. After curing, remove excess salt by rinsing your meat. Morton Salt, Inc. is a part of the K+S Group. It’s better to play it safe than sorry! With wet curing, it is very easy to control the amount of salt that you use. When you put salt on a food, it will draw water out of the food’s cells. of cure for 25 lbs. When you clean and butcher your harvest yourself, you reap the rewards for months... Dehydrating, Smoking, Canning, Vacuum Sealing, and Curing. Nitrites are used for all types of sausages and are the most common. of meat or a scant 1/4 teaspoon (1.1 g) for 1 lb. Use only 1 oz. We hang our meat in smoke house after salt curing. Why not just keep the meat unbrined or dry cure it? Do NOT overuse Cure. Primal Survivor™,,,,,,,,,,,,, Expert-Level Food Dehydrating: Tips and Hacks for Drying All Types of Food, Oxygen Absorbers for Long Term Food Storage, Water Bath Canning Instructions & Safety Tips, Survival Books and Movies For Education and Entertainment. I use a brine to cure brisket (corning). All Rights Reserved. Note that saltpeter is meant to be used IN ADDITION TO SALT, not instead of salt. Cure is definitely a secret to unforgettable flavor when you’re making sausage – but it should only be used in scant measurements. Sausage Curing. Be cautious about the curing salt. On the other hand, Cured Sausage is cooked at low temperatures for long periods time. How can you tell when the meat is totally cured? With the exception of bacon, the sugar doesn’t add any flavor. Use this formula: Beginning meat weight X 0.65 = target weight when curing is finished. of meat. The meat must be cooked before consumption. Thus, it generally isn’t recommended that you try dry curing at home unless you are a professional and have access to microscopes/analytical tools that can be used to check the safety of the meat. In this way, NO can kill deadly botulism spores and preserve meat. When in doubt, throw it out. Download the Ebook. When properly done, cured meats have an indefinite shelf life. Other types of Cure include Prague Powder # 1 and # 2, Instacure # 1 and # 2, and Morton’s carries several types, which typically have sugar added to them as well. it is for meat that will be dried and no require refrigeration, and these meats are whole pieces like a whole fresh(green)ham which is the rear legs of a hog, and the front is called a picnic ham. It depends on your personal tastes, the type of meat, the size/cut of the meat, and the strength of the cure. So, don’t try to substitute celery juice for saltpeter in curing recipes. Cured meat will turn pink or reddish when cooked. Don’t breathe it in and make sure not to rub your eyes. They eat nitrates and then convert them into nitrite (NO3). Certain bacteria can be inhibited by salt concentrations of just 3%. Thanks for the insight. When the curing process is complete, the sausage is cooked before serving. Always play it safe and cook or smoke your meat after curing. Tricks of the Trade. Some recipes will also call for Morton Tender Quick, which is a combination of salt, sugar, and both sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite. Nitrites are actually commonly found in many foods. And what about the risk of cancer from nitrites? If you give a home-cure as a gift, remind the recipient that they too will need to cook it before consuming.