The Event and Wedding Planning Course fully prepares to succeed as an event planner. If you have 5 or more years of full-time industry experience, you may be eligible for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) credit for the Event Management Foundations course (EVMT700). Generate and integrate creative ideas that translate into experiences that fulfill stakeholder requests. You’ll be mailed a certificate and transcripts if you successfully pass. An event planning course helps equip you with the best practices in the industry and ensures that you stand out in a crowded field. Here is a guide to show you how to request financial assistance from your employer. These are a group of compulsory courses and a capstone project that is focused on a particular aspect of the events industry. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced bookkeeping courses. Learn how to develop a business plan, manage finances, market, and approach special events as a profit-making business. If you contact us on or after the first day of class, you are not entitled to a course credit or transfer of any kind. Throughout the 1-hour course, you’ll also learn how to identify the two most important principles of event planning: planning a menu and understanding the different types of vendors. NAIT's Event Management Program will prepare you to apply a multitude of project management skills within a variety of dynamic environments such as trade shows, conferences, meetings, milestone events, award ceremonies, new product launches, social and corporate events and non-profit events. You can start within 60 minutes during business hours when you enrol and pay in full with a credit card! Think you want to join this industry full time? These organizations also offer student membership rates, so you can begin networking immediately: The EIC has recently certified several of NAIT's courses to be eligible for continuing education credits toward the CMP designation. As part of our commitment to your professional development, GetSmarter offers you a two-week period to change your course start date or request your money back if you’re not fully satisfied. We're taking an in-depth look at Warrior Trading's tools, platform, fees and more. You may include the core courses for either specialization within your 175 course hours. The 1.5-hour course also teaches you skills related to needs assessment, event research, developing event decor and design concept, working with stakeholders and vendors and keeping to a schedule and timeline. These courses are designed to help you learn intensive subject matters. Identify and develop a promotional strategy, including the event proposal, invitations, advertising, publicity, contests, promotional merchandise, sales promotions, packaging, and even personal appearances, Distinguish the relative strengths of print, electronic, and other advertising mediums, Analyze, establish and implement a public relations strategy using video and audio news releases, as well as many other new tools, Formulate an effective event sponsorship program, Conduct market research prior to the event, Create a comprehensive marketing/sales measurement, Identify different methods for managing risk, Understand how to prepare a crisis management plan, Understand the key components of event contracts, Comply with health, safety, and security regulations, Conduct a thorough risk assessment for every event, Understand the duty of care owed to attendees and identify liability issues arising from injury or loss of property, Understand and comply with copyright, trademark, and service mark protection requirements, Identify an appropriate site and perform comprehensive site inspections, Comply with legal requirements, including those specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other key laws, Recruit and train volunteers and staff for maximum performance, Integrate corporate events within the overall communication strategy of the company, Assess, inspect, and/or design sites for corporate events, Orchestrate large national and international events as well as small corporate meetings, Design and effectively manage major corporate hallmark events, such as anniversaries and ground-breaking ceremonies, Negotiate to get the best return on investment (ROI) for your organization, Reduce event costs and document the savings for your annual review, Demonstrate the added value of your corporate events as a means of receiving an increased budget and other support in the future, Discover the five forces that drive profitability, Apply the best practices of successful companies in event management, Develop an effective marketing strategy for new clients and to serve existing accounts, Avoid cash-flow problems that are the downfall of many profitable businesses, Conduct a food and beverage needs assessment, Specify the menu, level of service (including number of staff), and other important elements, Coordinate Kosher, Muslim, and special-request meal functions, Incorporate unusual linens, napkin folds, and other creative elements, Understand the basic health department requirements for food and beverage service, Recognize and implement liquor liability safeguards, Start and manage a successful wedding planning business, Incorporate the latest trends in wedding design and coordination to build your business, Recognize that entertainment represents a large economy, Identify job opportunities in the event entertainment and production fields, Develop and know how to carry out a plan through strategic preparation for event production and entertainment, Observe the effects of the plan, by viewing actual Contract and Rider requirements, Familiarize themselves with various tools for measurement of Return On Event Entertainment, Know the differences between agents, managers and entertainment companies and how they interact with headline entertainment, Familiarize themselves with the legalities of music licensing, Core Course Bundle (four courses, 4.8 CEUs) – $1,995, Elective Course Bundle (three courses, 3.6 CEUs) – $1,500, Individual online courses (1.2 CEUs) – $450 each, GW is committed to digital accessibility.