Be sure to turn your speakers on for sound. See photo essay.. Collie puppies … A reputable breeder will have testing done for health issues known to affect Collies, like CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly), PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), and the MDR1 (or ABCB1) gene anomaly. It is our goal to produce rough collies that exemplifies the AKC standard and in accordance with the Collie Club of America Code of Ethics. Kelstrin Collies will proudly stand … An ethical breeder will not mind answering your questions and introducing you to the parent(s) of the puppies. Rough Collie near me Rough Collie to buy The Rough Collie also known as the Scottish Collie is a graceful, poised breed of dog that has rich roots in Western Europe. Animal Planet filmed our beautiful and talented rough Collie dogs at Quaker Farm for a show on the Discovery Network called DOGS 101. Carristina Mrs C M Evans Market Harborough Leicestershire Displaying 1 - 194 of 194 Rough Collie Breeders . Breeder of rough collies located in Western PA. We occassionally have show prospects and companion puppies available. During the 18th century, ancestors of the Collie … We will have litters on a very limited basis. Enhanced List. Our philosophy and ideology is quality, not quantity. Quaker Farm Rough Collie Dogs Watch a fun video of Quaker Farm Collie puppies playing.