I already own the dragonfly red. Designed & Developed by SoloPine.com, By using this website you agree to accept our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions Accept. which convert digital audio signals into an analog one for the connection with a standard amplifier. Fostex HP-4BL (NEW) Burson Audio HA-160 (used) Lake People G109P (NEW) Atrox V2 (NEW) Basically, I'm somewhat confused about what I should be purchasing. PC users will need to download and install a USB driver before use with the Fostex, however. All Rights Reserved. Two tests in one review this week, as we are reviewing the Fostex HP-A3 DAC along with the Fostex TH-7 hi-fi headphones, awarded with the Diapason d’or label and praised by its users.This digital to analog converter is the entry level of the Japanese brand and this set of headphones is the second one from the HT series. The deal breaker is that the dynamics are noticeably reduced. This isn’t a feature we see regularly – it’s actually something we’re mor… I recently got to try out the Fostex HP-A4BL dac/amp as part of the Dekoni Blue review tour.   Dekoni wisely had decided to send this unit with the Blue as the T50rp drivers are known for being a power sponge and it seemed wise to make sure that reviewers had an amplifier that was up to the task.  I’ll admit that since I have a Burson Fun, I didn’t use the little Fostex for most of my testing of the Blue, but my curiosity got the best of me and this review is the result. Z Review - Fostex Massdrop T-X0 [Can't win them all.. ] - Duration: 19:54. Reviews; Fostex PM0.4n. Please download the Fostex music player from their web site. The Fostex 909 bass is much more pure feeling, thinner, much faster and with a significantly faster decay, as well as a punchier more impacting kick factor. I began with my Astell & Kern AK120, modified by Red Wine Audio with enhanced internals and played a 24bit/96kHz version of Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing via a NeoTech cable into the optical port. As the model designations would suggest, all are evolutions of Fostex designs that have been around for quite a while in one guise or another. You also get a mini-remote to utilise the Fostex as a pre-amp (the unit can be directly connected to a power amp, if required). I could use this as the DAC and then just get an amplifier. I’ve seen the company’s headphones make appearances at recent hi-fi shows and I have a pair of the company’s speakers to review in the near future but what I wanted to talk about today is the brand’s fully featured DAC. It is on kind loan from a member who bought it new from drop.com and had it shipped to me. The recently released Fostex TH909 Premium Stereo Headphones are getting some raves from audiophiles and in pro-audio circles. Internals include the use of a Asahi Kasei AK4399 DAC, a toroidal power transformer, built-in up-sampling function of x2 and x4, and a Direct Out mode for bypassing the volume control circuit. Each string, although slightly recessed and tamed, offered plenty of information giving Hypolite rhythmic support. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. And with a few tweaks here and there, there’s nothing to say Fostex can’t go on to make great strides in this market. Moving to the headphone amplifier stage and comparing the Icon Audio HP8 Mk.II, I plugged in a pair of Sennheiser HD800s and turned to vinyl with Queen’s Death On Two Legs, from their new half-speed master of A Night at the Opera. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The LCD series for the most part are much thicker, weighty and dense feeling. The box is unassuming enough but well padded with a separate compartment for the power supply and enough foam to protect the main unit from bumps and bangs in transit.  I particularly liked the use of the bottom of the box as a way to show all the controls although for those who generally pitch the box this may be less than helpful.  The accessories are utilitarian enough a simple power adapter and USB cable are provided. It’s a more expensive, in total, than the Fostex but I wanted a challenge for the new DAC. Paul Rigby reviews the HPA8C. I think the model is discontinued and I can't find an accurate price for … I would agree with most of your well written review. Packing more sonic weight than their size would suggest - good for those on a budget. I currently write for national magazines in the subjects of business, music, hi-fi and general technology. 11 user reviews on Fostex MR-8 HD. These latest headphones from Fostex are the open back version of Fostex’s TH900mk2s, which were also well regarded, but a closed back design. As a combination, this is quite a package that packs a punch. 14 user reviews on Fostex Speakers/Drivers products. This gave the Fostex a more romantic feel with a softer approach to vocals. We’re getting used to headphone manufacturers creating ranges that ascend in quality the higher up the numerically listed models go; however, upon first trialling the three models of the TR series, we couldn’t actually discern much in the way of sound-quality difference. Like many, I’m ‘used’ to seeing the Fostex brand name sitting upon studio gear and it does but it also has an increasing presence in consumer hi-fi.