(NOTE: You are more than welcome to record post-dated scores so long as you have your scorecard for reference.). The average par for a course is 72 but the truth of the matter is that very few people are good enough to shoot anything even close to that number. How do I re-activate it? It's a service established by the United States Golf Association to provide handicaps for players at certain golf clubs and associations. amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; You can use a number of other systems approved by the USGA, including USHandicap, which allows you to get a handicap without being a member of a country club or GHIN-affiliated club. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); My old GHIN # 6854463 is inactive. A golf handicap is a numerical measurement of a golfer's ability. There are a number of websites out there which offer handicapping for free or a small fee for users. Your email address will not be published. Many public and private golf courses and associations are affiliated with GHIN. Good question. They have asked for my GHIN number. Someone with your GHIN number could log onto the system and enter fraudulent golf scores that will affect your handicap. To start, GHIN stands for golf handicap index network. Can I sign up and then add 5 of my last games which were in Canada? To start, GHIN stands for golf handicap index network.Why is that important?Your GHIN number is All Rights Reserved. Email direct to your regional Handicap Chair – listed in the upper right hand corner of our Handicap Corner page. STEP 1 – Sign up to get your official GHIN number. Thank you! In order to establish your first true index you’ll need the minimum number of rounds recorded… AND it has to be after an eRevision date. Top amateur golfers strive to achieve a single-digit handicap, although the game is enjoyable for many people who have high handicaps. In other words, there is a lot to know before you can consider yourself an expert. Click here. Obviously, it isn’t as important as say, a credit card number, but it is a lot like an email password. A lot of time there is an annual fee attached to your club – usually somewhere in the range of thirty dollars depending on the type of services that they offer. If you’re new to GHIN (or returning from being inactive for awhile) you’ll notice that your first Handicap Index is listed as NH which stands for “No Handicap”. We travel cross country in our motor home and find it tough to join any single club in order to get a ghin card. To get your handicap all you have to do is log your scores through a sanctioned data base, which will then help determine the average amount of strokes you shoot over par.  (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); Welcome to the GHIN system! The word club in golf can sometimes have a pretty expensive connotation but don’t worry, in this case we, do not mean a “country club.”. Your index will state NH until the 15th. Welcome to the GHIN system! Sign up today and get your 12 month membership. Once you join your club the next step is going to be fun! Can I add my Dominican games to GHIN? Your index will state NH until the 1st. More than 12,000 clubs, 71 associations and 2.1 million golfers participate in the GHIN service, as of 2012. While all common and relatively harmless practices when you are playing by yourself, the above-listed rules deviations are only going to hurt you in this situation. In other words, if you shoot a seven on a par five, your adjusted score could still be par. He has written for various websites and for several daily and community newspapers on a wide variety of topics, including business, the Internet economy and more. Here’s our 4 easy steps to help get you started tracking your Handicap Index. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Consider your GHIN number to be the login information for your golf game. Already a member? It's a service established by the United States Golf Association to provide handicaps for players at certain golf clubs and associations. Your handicap can also be applied to specific courses so that you will be “given” strokes on the more difficult holes. With all that is out there to discover not every piece of pertinent information is immediately accumulated or digested which for the most part is ok. You definitely don’t need to know everything all at once. In order to make sure that your handicap information is current and accurate, keep track of your GHIN number and be sure not to share it with anyone else. GHIN generates indexes on the 1st and 15th of every single month and you’ll receive an email alerting you of the update to your index. I will be playing in tournaments in Casa de Campo and Punta Cana Dominican Republic, over the next few months. However, there are some pieces of information that are more important than others. Knowing how to get a GHIN number is undoubtedly useful. Finding your GHIN number is easy to do, but well worth the effort. Read on to find out how to get a GHIN number and also exactly what it is! If you can’t find the course, let us know! I’m aware of the fact that the GHIN number is not the most exciting concept in golf but it is without question or debate useful.