One of the top debates overall is deciding who would win in a fight between Dragon Ball's Goku and One-Punch Man's Saitama. 3. I had this argument with a classmate for a while now. Sasuke against a goku using UI is a though one, it could go either way but I still think that Sasuke's got it. Okay, Naruto is going to have FULL control of the Nine Tails while in sage mode and he has the jutsus of all the naruto characters, VS. SSJ4 Goku , Who will win? No prep time. 1. 2. Goku(Raditz Arc) Vs Naruto(Nine Tails Chakra Mode) Who wins? Goku can stop worrying about the opponent, about the stakes involved with the fight, about his family, and just enjoy the battle. 7.2 Ko! 8 Results 9 Poll Dragon Ball Z vs Naruto! Dark Phoenix: Who Would Win In A Fight? At best, Goku loses on accident by not actually fighting Naruto and just waiting to see what Naruto can do. I'm a fan of both so I haven't been able to decide, please only post if you are fans of both not if you think the other one is wack. Ultra Instinct is a Form where the body moves before the mind thinks about the move, a technique that even Gods of Destruction find difficult to achieve. FACEPALM. If Goku is actually trying to win he blitzes and one-shots. Naruto isn't even a match against Goku. Sasuke can predict all of Goku's movements so Goku won't be able to land a hit on Sasuke but at the same time, every time that Sasuke tries to counter or attack Goku, he will instinctively dodge all of his attack thanks to UI. Who wo , the anime rivalry of the century! Add photo 1 Intro 2 Intro 3 Goku 4 Vegeta 5 Naruto 6 Sasuke 7 Death Battle! Honestly I love natsu but goku would win here are the facts why. Here are my reasons why... -Goku can go Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3, and 4.Every time he goes up a level his power goes up like crazy. and what a better way to fire up the rivalry by including the protagonists rival into the fray! Considering goku can go ssj4 all odds would be on goku. Goku has trained over 100x gravity, natsu would be flattened to a pancake. It's finally time to end this. They are faster than Naruto. I'm not familiar enough with Naruto-verse passed the Pain Arc to know if Naruto himself has anything to stop Goku. I think goku is so strong and fast, but naruto may have a chance because goku has very little techniques. RELATED: Goku Vs. Win by death/KO. If you ask me, Naruto would definitely win LOL PSYCH Goku would beat the sugar honey ice tea out of Naruto. 7.1 Fight! Goku knows instant transmission and can easily kamehameha natsu from behind. The Ultra Instinct has a lot of perks attached to it, one of them being Goku's ability to simply stop thinking. The two fighters are … Using Hokage Naruto from the Boruto Movie and using the rusty Goku at base form (Before the Tounament Of Power).