I love this! I'd love for you to submit this to the site. LOL. I put more water in than called for and I think I had more grapes than you called for. :-D Tried this today and everything worked perfectly. It helps to combine well with the fruit since it dissolves better :) --DK, I don't Dina. A question--I did not seal my jelly jars. it’s a bloody minefield. My first batch, I picked all the grapes off at once and then did the squeezing. First batch was simply put in refrigerator. Not sure if this would work though as it seemed very different to previous jam recipes that I have successfully made. 5 cups. I used the candy thermometer to test and it was the right temp. It has been cooking for almost an hour and the skins don't seem to be breaking down. How fun to make jelly from something grown by your very own family. I really like the fact that you don't have to use a box of pectin. this sounds like a very therapeutic activity for the weekend. If you are making a jelly or jam and have all the gadgets then brilliant; if you don’t and are looking at a saucepan and a bunch of grapes then read on! I think I'll make another batch, and this time I'll use my handheld blender to make it a nice smooth grape jelly! But, it's perfect. Increase your knowledge of public issues & get involved. I don't care for most commercial jam (too sweet) and I followed your lead in reducing sugar. Love it! But there are skins giving it a preserve like consistency instead of a smooth jam. Keep in mind I'm in Chennai, India - very hot, humid weather! We used a heavy cast pot which holds the heat nice and evenly. I am thinking this may be the case and it's going to be very tart. We now offer Virtual Cooking Classes on Yaymaker! Check it out. The holidays are right around the corner. Hope it helps! Please click the activation link on the email we have just sent you. Enjoy! Bring to boiling point, and the only thing left is to get them out using a jar tong that Loreto also bought at Barb’s Kitchen, let them cool, and put them on the shelf, well not all of them. fruit - Courses - appetizer - Dip and Spread - grape - pectin - grape jelly. So yummy!!! 0 0. Gaining garden smarts and sharing skills. Don't know what we did wrong, what do we do to fix it. So I don’t use pectin. I need to go back and buy more grapes, though, because I LOVE the concord flavor and the fact that these have no seeds means I gobble them down much faster than regular seeded concords! It will not work and may cause spoilage Before winter decided to surprise us and snow arrived to cover the beautiful Autumn colors with its pure white brightness, we were enjoying mild temperatures and outdoors activities. The standard Could you please tell me if the jam can be stored in the freezer? Let my test it and I'll let you know. --jenn Thank you for your lovely recipe. Remove jars; cool and store. Frances from Sunny South Africa, Hi, Just wanted to ask how long is the shelf life. Cheers Kate - New Zealand, [...] seen many jam recipes for. I love to hear from you! Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful recipe. M. I would love to know if you can CAN this receipe. Made your jam twice using wild muscadine grapes gathered in our pasture in North Carolina. Homemade jams and jellies make I did blitz the skins a bit with a immersion blender on the third batch. Worked out great! How much does this recipe yield? I love this type of grapes, so sweet, even the simple juice made from crushing them is amazing. I sniped two large bowls full, followed your recipe and crossed my fingeres. You need to login to share feedback. of sugar. Grapes have enough natural pectin that they shouldn't need any added. I did make a couple of changes though, namely instead of putting the skins back in with the separated pulp I boiled them on their own and then pushed them through the strainer as well (I knew at least one of my kids would flip over skins in the jam). Bring this to a boil and what happens is this sheen starts to form on top and the bubbles get thicker and stronger and you know you are so close to the end. We did not have time to put everything away, pillows, bamboo table and chairs, some of the plants and statues. I have memories of my grandmother making grape jam. The key is about getting the consistency right so that once your jam (or jelly, or conserve, or whatever the hell it is) cools it is spreadable but not too thick. the shelf life on this from the test I did with last years batch is a year + but I can only say what I know. This year was one such year and at the week end my daughter and i picked a good 7 pounds of grapes and used this recipe to make about54 pounds of jam. Thank you! Thanks again! Wondering what to do with your homemade grape juice? Theo Waiting on it to set up now. Both batches set perfectly within 24 hours. Add some grass-fed gelatin and you’re minutes away from homemade grape jelly. What is the answer to the last question? Your child can eat well and feel great! I have to say that your recipe was dead on. Boil for 15 min. My neighbor's concord grape vines come over our fence, and were full of grapes. I am working on my third batch of jam using this recipe. Thank you, Sarah! When will they set up? I have a crop of green grapes that I would like to try, and hope that it is as successful as the black grape recipe i used last week, I’ve just answered the below comment with the following – let me know if you need any other information! Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks or in the freezer for up to 1 year. I doubled this recipe to 6 lbs of grapes and 6 cups of sugar. Wonderful combination of ingredients. Looking forward to hearing how it turns out! :) --DK, Awe..I am so lucky to have such a reader to give me feedback. Or, do they break down and sort of melt? Commercial row crop production in Arkansas. Doubling will work find and not be as much as a problem. Or in jars that have been heated? P.S. Grape jelly is my absolute favourite as it reminds me of the teenage period of my life. I just made some juice from my concord grapes growing in my front yard. Required fields are marked *. Add the raw grapes to a saucepan with 30ml water, stick the lid on and simmer on a low heat for five minutes to soften the fruit. My hands are itchy, swollen, hot, and inflamed. The 220 degrees is too long...better to use the finger test. I prefer simple and long-cook jams and jellies, especially since I see that the recipes that use commercial pectin require twice as much sugar as a cooked jam. As I am typing this I am processing my first batch but I am still looking for other things to do with these grapes lol! I am so jealous! I had to smile when you mentioned your pink/red hands from squeezing the grapes. Place the lids after you turn off the water, when the water it’s still hot but not simmering anymore. Well this is my weak spot, I love jams and jellies and anything grape! Thanks for sharing. Health food store visit tomorrow on my to do list . I really enjoyed reading this one! Finally stopped at 4+ cups. When you increase the quantities, you often end up with a soft gel. Also a bit of lemon is good. Too bad this year we didn’t have any grapes.