The kind of taper you want is again your personal preference. In the past, DeMarini’s Divergence technology increased the performance of their bats by extending the sweet spot. We have shortlisted are categorized separately into slowpitch and fastpitch bats so that you can quickly find one that is perfect for you. They will meet BBCOR standards. The handle comes with an ultra-thin whip design which lets you swing the bat at great speeds. Rawlings has used a two-piece design in this bat. Given below is a table which shows the top rated softball bats for 2019. The Miken Freak line-up requires no introduction. According to 2016 NFHS Softball rulebook, a slow pitch or fast pitch softball bat should have a maximum length of 34 inches and a barrel diameter of 2 ¼ inches. It appears that Easton fast pitch bat model numbers start with “FP” and I only see 5 model numbers approved: FP18GH10, FP18GH11, FP18GH8, FP18GH9 and FP18GHY11. Based in Oregon, United States, DeMarini is a world famous softball bat manufacturer. If you are on a budget and durability is your concern, then an aluminum or alloy bat is what you require. Do this and select “Easton” and “click” on the “Go” button. These do not require any break-in time and are hot out of the wrapper. The bat should consist of a knob which is attached to the handle and a barrel that has a maximum diameter of 2 ¼ inches. Most of the time, it is used to represent the size of a bat. Louisville Slugger has used S1ID Barrel Technology in the bat’s barrel – this ensures that the barrel delivers a consistent performance with enhanced pop upon contact. This big sized barrel allows for a greater sweet spot. When it comes to quality fastpitch softball bats, it’s not possible to proceed without mentioning DeMarini. According to ASA, a bat is legal for play in slow pitch softball if it has a stamp of approval which says “ASA 2000” or “ASA 2004”, if it has a maximum length of 34 inches and if its weight is less than 38 ounces. Every league has its own set of rules that you need to abide by and therefore you cannot simply use any bat of your choice for a certain league. As these are new launches, these bats use some of the most innovative and advanced construction techniques. Multi-piece bats are typically a good choice if you want the most flex out of a bat for home runs. We’ve tried to make the task of choosing easier for you by shortlisting the best softball bats for fastpitch. Durability is an important factor that you should keep in mind before buying a softball bat. The bat is ready for use right out of the wraps and requires no break-in period. Miken has used Triple Matrix Core + Technology as well as the Flex 2 Power Technology in the bat construction. This makes the bat perfect for power hitters who not only want a solid barrel but also the additional swing momentum offered by the extra load. Louisville Slugger 2019 Super Z1000 Midload: WTLLSZU18M. The bat features a 100% composite construction which means that it offers all the superior features offered in a composite bat. The 13-inch barrel culminates in the Heavy D End Cap which adds to the swing momentum and hitting abilities of the barrel. The major differences between the two bats have already been discussed above. A -12oz softball bat will weigh lighter than a -8oz bat. Wood bats that you use in NFHS leagues do not require any stamp of approval. Means many two-piece bats will be illegal. Things to Look When Picking a Softball Bat, Miken 2019 Freak 23 Maxload Kyle Pearson USSSA: MKP23U, Easton FF2 13.5" Loaded USSSA Slowpitch Bat SP19FF2L, Louisville Slugger 2019 Super Z1000 Endload, Miken 2019 Vicious ASA/USSSA End-Loaded: MPAV19 MPAV19, Best Composite Softball Bats 2019 – Top 9 Bats for Fastpitch and Slowpitch, Comparison some of factors between Youth Bats for Softball and Baseball. The 3Fusion technology ensures that the energy transfer is smooth between the barrel and the handle. With three piece bats, there is an additional item attached between the barrel and the handle. The bat has a perfectly balanced feel overall. 2019 AIA State Softball Tournament Guide; Certified ASA/USA Softball Equipment; AIA MaxPreps Roster and Stats Instructions; New Definition for Damaged Bats Highlights High School Softball Rules Changes; Conference & Region Recognition Voting Process; How to Sanction an Invitational Meet; NFHS GUIDELINES ON HANDLING PRACTICES AND CONTESTS DURING LIGHTNING OR THUNDER … The latest 2018 Ghost series fast pitch softball bats from Easton are set to offer maximum pop, explosive sound and a comfortable feel. These are illegal and they contribute to damaging your bat. Louisville has used an upgraded and enhanced LS-2X composite material in making the barrel, ensuring better performance and a larger sweet spot. As a result, the bat features an exceptionally light-weight profile which enables great swing speeds. They have no breaks and both the handle and barrel have the same structure. If a softball is pitched at a speed of 90mph, the batter gets only 0.2 seconds to see and react to this pitch. Placed between the knob and the taper, a grip is normally 10 to 15 inches long. Do you wish to be the best player in the field? For someone who likes to swing their bat to a greater extent, a good option is to go for a narrower taper. Finding the right bat may be somewhat hard as you have to consider a number of factors. For someone who is looking for power and an experience which mimics wood bats then a one-piece bat is what you need. The list above includes some of the absolute best softball bats for slowpitch. This is simply because the Slugger bats are often endorsed by many big names in the softball sport – and for good reason. The barrel of the bat also features a one-ounce end-load which gives additional momentum and speed to the players. They are a lot heavier in weight (some bats weighing as high as 30ounces). So, if you are looking at bat which is 30 inches long and it has a drop of -10, it will weigh 20ounces. The 2018 Easton Fire Flex Loaded USSSA bat is another shortlisted bat among the top slowpitch bats of the year. Each one of them has their own rules. Be sure to check with your association if replacing or repairing of end cap on your own is allowed! These bats have their pros and cons as well. You need to correct your stance and grip your bat properly. Previously, Easton’s Stealth and Mako series softball bats remained a favorite amongst the batters. Rubber balls in the cage or wet balls that weigh a lot should be avoided at all costs. You need to decide which game you wish to play. #1. In order to make this decision you need to understand the type of hitter you are and your batting preferences as well. The large barrel provides an explosive hitting potential and allows players to hit the incoming softball confidently and accurately. We have made this easier by reviewing some of the hottest softball bats and shortlisting the ones that are the best in every way. The main advantages of these bats are that they are safe; they offer decent performance, are durable and are easy on the pocket as well. This means that whenever there is a mishit the sting is dampened. Such a bat is able to withstand fast pitches and it won’t get damaged. All the important factors that you need to consider before purchasing a softball bats were also included. An extremely fast reaction is demanded from the batters making softball much more difficult as compared to baseball.