Conventional insecticides such as malathion are also effective. Simply rub your fingers over each leaf, and smoosh any you come across. Below are some of the solutions that work best: One of the most common ways to get rid … The control and elimination of sawflies are possible through natural solutions that do not pose harm beyond its target. Get some gloves and go over your rose petal leaves. The best time to control sawflies is early in their larval stage. You will most likely find them underneath the leaves. Safer ® Brand offers a variety of sawfly larvae control products to help control and eliminate this garden pest and revive your plants. So how do you kill sawfly larvae naturally, without pesticides? How to Get Rid of Sawflies Natural and Organic Solutions. This is one of the easiest methods to get rid of them (though it is kinda gross). When sawfly larvae multiply, it isn’t easy to get rid of them naturally. Larvae The sawfly larval stages are plant feeders and look much like the caterpillar of butterflies and moths . Sawfly larvae will either feed inside or on the outside surface of plant leaves and stems or inside a gall that is produced when the female stings the plant leaf or stem. However, you can use precise natural methods to eliminate all the sawfly larvae near you from home. This control also repels the adult sawfly and many other insects. Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis), which is an effective natural control for true caterpillars, is ineffective on sawfly larvae. The natural insecticide spinosad will control sawfly larvae. You must try several techniques until you find the most suitable one for your sawfly larval infestation. Please check out our sawfly larvae control products for more details about how they work and how, when, where they should be applied. Smoosh Them. Soapy water effectively gets rid of sawfly larvae.