The city does have laws … There is one and only one way to stop kimchi from stinking up every thing it gets near. New York City has robust legislation in place regarding smoking, but building management may be hesitant to address other types of intrusive odors, our experts say.. also i have this korean friend she eats kimchi too at her house but her house doesn't have a kimchi smell … … i am korean and my cocasion friend came over and said that there was this horrible smell and i know that that was the kimchi smell. This is an important question for those who cook on a daily basis! Normally there is a kimchi smell for every korean house in korea and is that true or is it only the houses that actually make kimchi? Give the walls two good coats of this primer and the odor should go away for good. The best way to get rid of the smell is to start with an odor-neutralizing primer, such as KILZ. Doggie or cat smell can be tough to get rid of because it’s constant and becomes embedded in fibers. Linda’s favorite solution for getting the smell out of the carpet and fabrics: … It is a big problem in the United States, because of wooden houses (wood absorbs the smell) and extreme weather conditions. I did hear that was the reason SARS never got to Korea- kimchi … After that, … NEVER allow it into the house - you wouldn't allow any other kind of toxic waste in your house, would you?