Despite the many options of low GI Gardenia bread, I wish Gardenia would bring its Breakthru back in the market. Please be assured that the purple wheat is all natural. You may add more ingredients like sugar, wheat powder or yeast. Hi Lesly. Does gardenia bread contains L-cysteine?? !”Kamu suka sesuatu,belum tentu baik untukmu,kamu tak suka sesuatu,belum tentu buruk bagimu”-nasihat Allah subhanuhuwataala.Terimakasih. Kaya usually have eggs. Can i know what the different between gardenia product than other product such as Hi-5 or another.. Assalamualaikum,Selamat sejahtera, Selamat dan Berjaya. Therefore, with the same expiry dates, Gardenia products are fresher then other on-the-shelf bread brands. Please be assured and enjoy our product. Gardenia is considered as one of the largest bread manufacturer around the region. Rasanya sedap terkata,lembut senang dikunyah dan ditelan oleh anak-anak dan kita orang dewasa.Roti Putih Classic Jumbonya ,beberapa keping saja cepat mengenyangkan dan puaslah memakannya.Menjimatkan.Tiada apa yang meragukan saya dengan diiktiraf oleh pihak JAKIM.Rokok dan arak dah terang-terang membahayakan dan jelas keharamannya,orang buat tak kesah je.Sapu semacam!! It makes me look forward to tomatoes getting ripe each year. Hi Sakura. Please excuse the delay in replying. Thank you for your interest in our product. As for your enquiry, we do use dough conditioner, that is largely made up of Emulsifiers which are Soy and Palm base. Massimo now has a vegan product. Other wholesale bakeries in Malaysia are still using calcium propionate in they bread. - Gardenia 100% WholeGrain with Canadian Purple Wheat (GI value – 46) Be assured that all our bread do not contain azodicarbonamide which is most commonly referred to as ADA. Thank you for your enquiry. If all vegetarian suitable to eat the bread? Little chefs are back in the mini-kitchen to make yummy foods using Gardenia bread and pastries. Will the same thing apply to gardenia bread available in the Philippines? what about BENZOIL PEROXIDE?..does your product free from this’s a kryptonite to gouty patient. Thank you for your inquiry. Thanks Jing Wen. May I know to whom should i refer to if I want to request for your Twiggies wagon to come for our incoming event? It contains milk and component of milk. May I know which Gardenia products use eggs as an ingredient? For your information, all Gardenia products have milk in it except for the Kaya Spread. Apart from milk, we do not use any animal base ingredients. Please check the product packaging for more info on the list of ingredients and contents. We would like to share that we do not have product that is gluten free. For your information, all of our bread loaves range do not contain egg. Now, instead of calcium propionate, we use natural ingredients such as vinegar and raisin juice concentrate. Please do PM us your contact number and we would get in touch with you. Thanks. At Gardenia, we have replaced calcium propionate with natural ingredients such as raisin juice concentrate and vinegar. Calcium propionate is the common preservative used by bakeries worldwide. Saya dan keluarga amat menyukai roti keluaran Gardenia. Faizul, our products do not contain Benzoil Peroxide. The natural preservatives used for our bread is the Raisin Juice Concentrate and Vinegar. Before the tour starts, kids watched a short video on how Gardenia baked their breads. For now, I am happy with the Canadian Purple Wheat but Breakthru will always be my number 1 choice. I hope you enjoy also!Submitted by: CHELLSYM, Nice Quick Breakfast MealSubmitted by: WAYHAZARD, My family lOVES this recipe and it is impressive enough to serve dinner guests. Thank you for your interest Annie. The reason I stop taking Gardenia bread is because of the artificial preservative. We appreciate your feedback and would keep it under consideration. For any further clarification, please feel free to call our toll-free line at 1-800-88-3228. 4. All Gardenia products are made using unbleached flour, does this mean that for the past many years your bread are added with preservatives that are bad for us? I believe you are aware that subway has been using a hardening agent that is commonly used to make yoga mat’s and shoes. We appreciate your enquiry and feedback regarding our product. It is so yummy. Submitted by: LADONAB, fast and figure friendly.. no butter.. you'll never guess the secret.Submitted by: MH5T, This is a delicious lower fat alternative to the traditiona bltSubmitted by: COUNTRYBARB86, I adapted this recipe from an old children's Novel; Mrs' Coverlet's Magician's.Submitted by: CLUTTERBUG51, This tastes just like cheese pizza! Hi Rasyidi. Thank you for your interest and concern.