With a SCOBY hotel, I’ll always have SCOBYs handy and a good stock of starter tea that’s just getting stronger and stronger the longer I let it sit. If you don't think you'll ever have a use for your extra SCOBYs, you can use your SCOBY hotel to make Kombucha vinegar. First, you will brew a batch of tea as you would for any other batch of kombucha. 5. Storing A SCOBY Hotel While the most convenient way to store a SCOBY hotel is in a dark place within the room temperature range, there may arise the need to store it in the fridge Fridge vs. Room Temperature Fridge SCOBY can be stored in the refrigerator at 37 degrees F (2 degrees C) temperature range. Do not use a lid on your SCOBY hotel – it needs to breathe! To store a SCOBY for less than 6 weeks, you can leave it brewing in sugary tea. After a while, it will be extremely tart and double as vinegar in recipes. But after several batches, suddenly you notice your SCOBY (the mother culture) has gotten so big and thick it's taking over the jar. The layer continues to grow until it is disturbed. You will get a new SCOBY growing on top of your SCOBY hotel (just like in your kombucha brew). Kombucha normally brews for seven to 30 days, so brewing it for 6 weeks will result in a strong vinegar taste. 0:43 - What are SCOBY hotels good for? You can always use a pair of kitchen scissors to trim off a piece. This will allow another new SCOBY to … You can follow regular brewing instructions for this part. Many people ask if it is okay to store the SCOBY Hotel in the fridge and the answer is highly debated. In a low PH value of 2,3-3,5 inside the starter liquid, your kombucha is immune towards foreign germs. In a SCOBY hotel, a vessel filled with starter liquid, you can store your kombucha fungi with a little care up to several month or years. Do not store your SCOBY hotel in the refrigerator. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time and will not have time to maintain the SCOBY Hotel, then you can consider placing the hotel in the fridge. Store: Store your SCOBY hotel in the same area that you brew kombucha. 0:27 - What is a SCOBY hotel? My SCOBY hotel also gives me the flexibility to pause and start my brews on my schedule, even if I’m going on vacation or taking a 'bucha break for a few months. The resulting kombucha can be used in salad dressing or in a marinade in place of vinegar, or simply thrown away. You're making Kombucha , and it's going great. For full details on SCOBY hotels and all the amazing things they can do to upgrade your brewing process, check out this post. It does not need to stay under kombucha/sweet tea. People often wonder if it’s safe to store SCOBY hotels in the refrigerator — and the answer is generally yes, but I don’t recommend it because it introduces unnecessary risks … The “gunk” is yeast and yes, you may remove the excess yeast when you clean out your hotel. Learn how to divide a SCOBY so you can share with friends, dehydrate it, give it to your pets, or add it to your SCOBY hotel! One of our SCOBY Hotels! The temperature should be 60-85°F (16-29°C), and it should be away from direct sunlight and potential contaminants (like compost or garbage). Starting a SCOBY Hotel is actually much simpler than you might think. If you haven’t touched or moved your SCOBY Hotel lately, then that is why the layer is so thick. The longer your sweet tea or Kombucha ferments, the more acidic it will become. SCOBY Hotel: How to Properly Store your SCOBYs. It will need to be pushed down into the tea/kombucha every few weeks to keep it from getting too thick and blocking the air.