Once you’ve already purchased the right circuit board for your opener, you may need a stepladder, wrenches, screwdrivers, nut drivers, and pliers. Depending on the garage door opener model, the terms for the board can differ. Pull the emergency release rope to release the trolley from the garage door. Solder the broken parts together to seal the board. How to Diagnose a Garage Door Issue on Your Own, How to Install Holiday Lighting the Safe and Easy Way, Elevate Your Décor to Suit Your New Black Friday TV Set. Here’s how to replace it. Pull out the clevis pin while supporting the straight arm to disconnect the garage door from the outer trolley. Reconnect the rail to the header bracket. If repairing the circuit board is no longer possible, you’re left with replacing the entire board. Featured photo credit to https://www.realestatephotoshooter.com/. Nickname. If you feel lucky you could try changing the sensors but it may be time to put in a garage door opener repair ticket so you don’t have to pay for new parts that are not needed. Apply alcohol on a clean cloth and wipe off any excess flux liquid. If the spring is properly balanced, lifting the door open shouldn’t require too much effort, and the door should remain in the halfway open position, without starting to sag down. Use these basic steps to replace the logic board in Craftsman, LiftMaster and Chamberlain garage door openers. If replacing the battery doesn’t do the trick, you can also try reprogramming the keypad by following the instructions on the keypad door or located in the user manual. The controller wires are the ones that look a bit like the wires on an old stereo system – with the copper hanging out, and a plastic release button. We have LiftMaster brand logic boards for Sears Craftsman jackshaft garage door operators. You can also check the wall-mounted keypad battery – despite its location on the wall, it’s easy to forget that it is indeed battery operated. We also offer a Puls+ membership that includes many enticing benefits such as, a 20%  discount on every service, extended guarantee, priority booking, and so much more. I am a DIY type of gal with a lot of experiences in architecture, crafts and basic house renovations. Lower the rail and rest it on a rung of the step ladder so the rail is level with the motor unit on your work table. You're reviewing: Craftsman / Chamberlain 41A548318R Home Garage Door Opener Logic Control Board Your Rating. If the logic board no longer works, replace it with the manufacturer-approved replacement part. Need help finding the right filter for your refrigerator? Disconnect the door arm from the trolley. Just follow the instructions on the epoxy. Our skilled repair experts will bring all the necessary safety equipment, tools, and parts to you, so all you’ll have to do is sit back, relax and let us handle the rest – it’s really that easy. Simply hold down the “lock” button for a couple of seconds until the green light stops blinking, then try your remote or keypad again. Just place it where the old one was located and start screwing it in place. Shut the garage door if it's not already closed. To check that your torsion spring is properly balanced, first close the garage door and engage the release by pulling on the brightly-colored cord above. Because a garage door opener is a complicated creature, there’s a lot that can possibly go wrong. Score. Do a visual inspection of the torsion spring, located horizontally along the top of the garage door. Garage door openers are very sensitive to power surges. If there are a few, use the epoxy to glue the broken pieces together. Remove the nuts, bolts, and lock washers that secure the motor unit to the ceiling bracket. The replacement board may be called a circuit, sequencer, receiver, control, or motor drive boards. If you find a lot of what appear to be black plastic crumbs on top of the gears in your motor unit, it’s a sign of wear on the chain and sprocket located above. The main logic board supplies the power to them so it is possible that the board and/or the sensors could be defective.