Before you can begin, you will want to thin out your wool roving. See how easy it is to make fun needle felt shapes using cookie cutters? There will also be times when your pattern will reach a number of stitches that would be too many for straight needles, so a circular needle would be used but working forwards and backwards in rows. 8. 9. You do not have to poke the needle very far into the pad. First, a felting pad protects whatever is underneath the wool such as a table or your lap. Affiliate Advertisements: This site participates in various Affiliate Programs. In a nutshell, it is creating a felt fabric using wool such as Wool Roving and special, Barbed Felting Needles. Carefully working the entire surface of the wool. This article covers just the basics of needle felting for beginners. if you like knitting with the left needle tucked under your arm, then you will need longer needles. In general, it is better to needle felt several thin layers of wool as opposed to one thick layer. Second, it gives the felting needles something soft to stick into so they don’t break. 3.Privilege of purchasing our limited items. There are lots of options to … Needle Felting has become quite the popular craft in recent years. I recommend wool that is suitable for knitting needles between 6 and 8 mm and measures between 100-130m/100g. Next, you need some type of wool or roving. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Next, place one of the cookie cutters on top of your felting pad or sponge. You want to layer and slowly add to your shape. If you’re using finger protectors, go ahead and put those on. You can use any type of cookie cutter but beware that felting needles are fairly fragile and more likely to break if they hit metal instead of a plastic cookie cutter. For this purpose, you can also use a thick sponge like the ones they sell at a hardware or automotive store. To thin out your wool, with your hands, gently open up the wool roving (side to side) until you can just see through it. Annette is a long time fiber artist and former alpaca farm owner. So, I’m going to show you how to make a simple thin, flat piece of felt with wool roving. Plus, you can find roving in multi color packs which contain many wonderful colors. You do not have to poke the needle very far into the pad. Size of needles used for specific project is very much governed by thickness of yarn, stitch use and to some extent the design. CAUTION! It will probably lose some of its shape but that’s okay. It is a dry felting method because the wool is never wet as opposed to wet felting where the wool is felted with water, soap and agitation. Felting Needles are extremely sharp! As an Amazon Associate, this site earns from qualifying purchases by linking to and affiliated sites. 2.0mm – 3.5mm 2.25-3.5mm Fingering/Sports 4 ply 4 ply This tutorial is written with the beginning needle felter in mind. Creating knitted fabric is facilitated by the use of knitting needles which means getting the right one for your pattern is pretty important. And since cookie cutters come in all shapes and sizes, you can personalize them for your loved ones. Regular needles have smooth sides so they would not be able to tangle the wool like felting needles can. When working with the set of needles, one of the needles is free and the stitches are divided equally between remaining needles. Pick up your felting needle or tool and very carefully begin poking through the wool into the felting pad and pulling the needle back out. Fine: The fine needles are used with finer yarn, such as worsted weight. They come in a set of four or five and can be used in circular and tubular knitting. What the heck is NEEDLE FELTING? They are cheap and easy to find but the downside is that those sponges don’t hold up very well after several uses. You will start to see the fibers blending and matting together. wool sewing needle. They last much longer and you should be able to find one at a craft store or your local yarn shop. The needles are repeatedly pushed through layers of wool. Oh, and if you are a Knit and Crochet Pattern Designer, please Submit Your Free Patterns. For example, smaller areas and edges are easier to felt with just one needle.Conversely, a needle felting tool is useful for larger areas as it holds several needles and you can complete those parts much quicker. These wool shapes can then be used as patches or decoration for clothing but they also make fun little Christmas ornaments. They come in a set of four or five and can be used in circular and tubular knitting. Just make sure to put it all the way through the wool.Do this very slowly at first and keep your hands out of the wool! The basic tools you need for this fiber art are felting needles, wool, cookie cutters and some sort of underlayment like a felting pad or a very thick sponge. I simply showed you how to make a flat felt shape that can be used for clothing patches, etc. I’d love to see your creations.Enjoy!AnnetteFiberArtsy. 2.Try our new advanced needle felting wool tutorials and kit for free. Have you seen the super cute needle felted animals? Straight needles have stoppers at the end and are used in flat knitting. Begin felting this side the same as the first. If you want to make a 3 dimensional felted piece such as a Christmas ornament, just continue adding layers of wool and felting all sides including the edges. Circular or tubular knitting is worked in rounds and always on one side, creating either circular or tubular fabric. The finer the yarn the smaller size needles are used. Now, using your fingers along the edges, carefully peel the felted wool off the felting mat. It may have a yellowish look or have a lot of vegetable matter (grass, hay and other small barnyard bits) but none of that matters! With Needle Felting, this process is accomplished by matting the wool with a special barbed or notched felting needle. Same thing. There are three types of needles: straight, circular and double pointed. Typically it is lesser quality wool that has not been dyed. Below is a list of some of the standard yarns and size of needles that would be usually recommended: Remember that all needle sizes quoted in the pattern should just be treated as recommendations, but you will also need to check your tension first and use the size needle that allows you to achieve the stated tension. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Have you noticed? A wide range of sizes are available starting from 2mm to 25mm and they come in a few different lengths too.