This is only a few processes it takes for stainless steel production but I was not able to find information about the complete emissions process that comes from the production of HydroFlask bottles. From product innovation to Come on. surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes. Hydro Flask, maker of insulated steel bottles, was founded in 2009 by Travis Rosbach and Cindy Morse, then a couple frustrated by the lukewarm beverages their water bottles offered after a … “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” The Ocean Cleanup. 30 Oct. 2018., “Hydro flask manufacturing made in China,” Ecoway|China OEM Bottle|Tumbler|Cup, 4, Jan. 2018, Web 30 Oct. 2018. 2009, 2009/04/19/opinion/20090419bottle.html?_r=0. [1] According to similar articles on plastic water bottles’ embodied energy, the combining of all the energy inputs for a typical 16 ounce plastic water bottle will typically total from 2.8 to 5.1 MJ. It’s in our DNA. From new products to new ways to drink in the adventure, we’ll take you along for the ride with the latest on everything Hydro Flask, By entering your email address here, you are subscribing to Glass bottles can last and be reusable as long as it is not broken which is unlikely to happen. Understanding its material makeup and where these materials originate from is crucial in accurately calculating the amount of energy consumed simply because of the differences in electricity generation between countries and the distance covered when shipping the material from the ore processor to the factory in China. and we’re glad to be with you Keep it #HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO. The ores also have to be processed in order to extract the metal which is an energy-intensive process that uses large amounts of fossil fuels and also releases harmful greenhouse gas emission causing toxic particles to pollute the air and water. Forming a comparison between this stainless steel bottle is paramount to lend some relevancy to an otherwise intangible numerical value of embodied energy. Plastic accumulates in huge patches around the world in our oceans. Plastic is sometimes treated like trash and gets to our landfills. Located in the Guangdong District of southeastern China, the manufacturing/assembling plant where Hydro Flasks are produced must use both the domestic supply and imports of these raw materials for production. Northwest wonderland– Bend, Oregon. It is estimated that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch covers up to about 1.6 million square kilometers. Let’s Go! Here the manufacturing industry is powered predominantly from fossil fuels such as Coal (65.5%) and Natural gas (3.1%) with a noteworthy contribution of Hydro electric power (19%). In the case of larger ore mining operations in Australia and in South Africa, mining companies use railways to transport product from the mine-site to the port. 30 Oct. 2018. people, and what we’re about as a company. HydroFlasks bottles are made to replace single-use plastic bottles. “The carbon footprint of steel,”, 1 Jan. 2010, Web. support more than 92 non-profits and donate Others somehow get into our ocean. Slag can be used to create desired steel qualities. Here the energy requirements for extraction, processing and shipment of the material to the manufacturing plant will be assessed. More than any design award we've won, we're It states that 69 MJ is required to produce 1 kg of polypropylene, [11] totaling 4.7 MJ needed to produce the 2.4 ounce cap on a Hydro Flask. It’s difficult to determine the relative depth of the embodied energy reports of plastic bottles, however, a stainless steel bottle is obviously much worse than a plastic one. For this example, the bottles will arrive in San Francisco as it’s an international shipping port. “Why Is Stainless Sustainable?,” Sustainable Stainless, Web. By thoroughly evaluating the energy used in all aspects of its life-cycle, otherwise known as its embodied energy, we can ascertain whether or not Hydro Flasks are truly a greener option. Hydroflask overall is environmentally friendly and replaces the need for plastic water bottles. While HydroFlask isn't completely environmentally friendly, it is still a better alternative than using plastic bottles. Plastic can also be harmful to the environment if it is not disposed of properly in recycling. encourage people to make the switch and for every step, sip, and smile along the way. Therefore, the most specific mineral extraction data found will be applied to the three ores as they are already similar in extraction and processing techniques.