My only gripe is the cost of shipping. The support team are hopeless, templates replies, from 3 different people all ... the same response, unhelpful, I am over $100 our of pocket and still dont have my order. Shocked! 4 Ways to Use the Internet to Upgrade Your Style. How to get free shipping at iHerb? Regarding buying reviews, iHerb does no such thing and all content left on TrustPilot is not manipulated in any way by iHerb. Plus, iHerb Australia makes sharing your personalized link and code easily through their website, making saving even easier. When you do, you will be refunded the price of the product, minus the cost of Shipping & Handling as well as any discount codes or coupon codes. They do not care about customer satisfaction and they are just interested in making a profit. After 1 month I kept contacting customer services but told me my package may take longer time to arrive and I have to wait. We wish you nothing but the best and if you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at Again, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE! The worst thing is it looks like they have a security issue. One of the other comments mentioned Vitacost - I might try them next time. I’m never buying any product from iherb again.---MegaFolinic, 800 mcg, 120 TabletsI've been buying and taking these supplements since 2017 to cover all basis. My orders are usually above $40 because then I would qualify for the free shipping options. Buyer beware. Seems they only like reviews that praise them which makes reading their reviews less worthwhile if they are censored before posting. I could see this throught the tracking. Not happy with them and will never order from them again. When I contacted iherb, they said it was exactly the same as the other, just different packaging. However, during payment it changed to normal deliveries. I used this site for several years but recently service has been terrible. Clear to see they are scam artists as a company as well. Stuff ships on time. ), When you order you have an option of Australia...Read more. I recently queried, having only just noticed and wanting to use during the virus outbreak. Be warned this might be a scam or their IT dept is easily hacked. Overall I have no problems ordering… Overall I have no problems ordering from iherb. There's no direct phone number contact option but they've got 24x7 support which is better than many for an on-line store. Here, you will also notice that there is an option to enter any iHerb discount code or iHerb promo coupon that you may have. I placed an order with iherb for the first time last week and was happy with the whole process. Save your money. So I reminded them that they had sent the WRONG vitamins - not the ones I ordered from their website. To Ensure iHerb Cashback and Promo Code Eligibility. I ordered a couple of products. When I contacted them to return the jar, they said I had to send them back to their office in America to process, but "I' had to pay postage - even though it was 'their' mistake! Turns out iHerb were refunding based on the shipping taking so long which is totally out of there control. So trying to request pasword reset where they suppost to send me 6 digits code. I HAVE BEEN USING THEM TO SHIP TO DUBAI FOR LAST 4 YEARS AND HAVE NO COMPLAINTS. For example one promo code is on all men s health products, and another for the women s. There are plenty of codes for each section. The products I ordered were delivered quicker than any other online store I have ever used. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE!!! I purchased a couple of vitamins from iherbs but it appears im just taking a dud product with absolutely no effect. I am a new mom, in the middle of this pandemic and went to this website to purchase my prenatal vitamins... when they arrived, I checked all the expiration dates (on the 6 boxes I ordered) and they ALL will be expiring in only a few months. so cheap) and even in today's climate I'm still getting deliveries the same week I buy. However, I was happy with their 24x7 customer service and chat option, and the person was patient with me - eventually agreeing to refund me if the product didn't turn up after the first week... of June - 2 months after I ordered it. Delivery charge is really good too. Be careful buying from this company. Stay away from this app! I am taking the time to commend iHerb on their Customer Service and how they take responsibility for getting your purchase to you. The prices are really good, even cheaper than I pay in Europe for some items. Members who take part in the referral program simply need to provide their personal referral code to their friends and families to use when they make their purchases. iHerb, don't bother telling me to email you, I am already engaged in a lengthy correspondence, repeating myself over and over. If you have any problem with a product you have ordered, you can return any products which are unopened within 60 days of purchasing them. Seemed like it was written by a people with very bad english or by a computer bot. When i ordered the product free shipping in Europe. Absolutely fantastic service, SUPER quick delivery despite covid delays - I am well and truly impressed, THANK YOU, iHerb! Unexpectedly fastest courier service from US to KSA with lowest prices. Disclaimer: The “iHerb” trademark and logo are owned by iHerb, LLC. You can check the various categories on iHerb to find what you are looking for. I even sent them a scan of my order with the picture on it, as well as a photo of the one they had sent me - which was different! Much better options out there. I was relying on this order as its my prenatal and I have now run out. I have one credit card and I only used this one to shop products from iHerb. Please turn Adblock/uBlock off and close all open tabs. What is even better is that there are constant iHerb deals and offers on the website and chances are that you will find an iHerb discount code as well! I find that I can get almost any beauty products I need on iHerb and that's been a life saver, especially during this difficult time of closed borders and limited exports. I might use again. This kind gesture was much appreciated and total unnecessary for the company especially when my package was delivered. has affiliate partnerships. I have been ordering from iHerb since August 2017 and have never experienced any problems with their products or neither receiving on the time estimated by them. And whenever one of your referrals successfully gets referrals of their own to purchase products, you will earn a smaller commission on that purchase as well. Shipped wrong products and no way to contact by phone. I have emailed now 10 times to be told the same thing. Iron deficiency and Vitamin D deficiency! © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. It was in a box with a jar of preserves I ordered. The items were exactly what we ordered, in perfect condition and well packed. This didn't phase me given the current climate and I appriated that the tracking was updated in a timely manner. Arrives always so fast&consideringNever an issue with customer serviceGreat productsBest PricesAmazing Shipping (which also is why I will always go First to i-Herb, even before some in my country of Australia) but obviously support here as much as and where I can :-)Love luv This Company and it's prices timing and ProductsAll very Impressive to me (and mine)ThankYou i-Herb !<3. I'm in Queensland they are basedIn US I buy online. They gave a faulty email address (if you look close, there is even a comma rather than a period in the one part-which I changed after copy and pasting) as well, they have only offered me the exact same thing... the chance to submit a refund page and ship the product back at my expense. I have been using iherb for many years but recently I am unable to access my account.