We are early adapters in this conversation. Because I do not know of a more direct way to translate strategy into execution than this. Weasel words or expressions are so non-specific or generic as to cause confusion themselves. I also see a need for addressing behaviors, a thirst for more innovation and standardization. is tracking and what the plan is to plug the gap) >> Is it Integrated Business or Supply Chain or Value Chain… Planning, or even something else? . This will also be industry specific. To me, S&OP is still the noun and IBP is the “verb”. Led by senior management, it is a common-sense process for aligning the company plans every month, which will help you to allocate the critical resources - people, equipment, inventory, materials, time and money - to most effectively satisfy your customers, in a profitable way. be incorporated in both a top down and bottom up description. The answer is obvious – with everyone “saying” they are doing S&OP (even if unproductively) — it is impossible to get into the corner office. I also prefer the IBP abbreviation as it is a more inclusive definition. As Abraham Lincoln famously said: “it was not best to swap horses when crossing streams.”. We have to make that noise so that an academic gets interested and steps in to this mess, Great to see we are all aligned on the need for clarity/renewal of core problem and solutions. 1. Seems to me best way to reign in the 90% of business leaders / excecs to S&OP is to speak in their business value measurement terms ! – take less risk for more return However, no CEO will invest in IBP just to improve understanding & communication. I.e. Once you master these elements your business has a periodic check on the budget, strategy, resource allocation, business risks and use effective behaviours. We all have a role to play in this. For all the nonsense business concepts, motivational games, consulting, even TQM and Six Sigma they all fall really short in capturing full extended enterprise performance / measurement. To be clear it is not Microsoft WORD ! They are looking to specifically It shows a bias towards supply chain and S&OP terminology, from which I believe IBP has to unshackle, as you can read in the. There are many different IBP definitions, one of them being ‘advanced S&OP’. If you believe the above is the REAL problem then we can intelligently decide how best to make the introduction to invoke CHAGE ? @Jon: I agree the planning puzzle needs more analyzing. See more ideas, case studies and approaches at sopbook dot com. An MBA finance Wharton type focus on the need an education on how to evangelize the need… sell it to the top down owners / shareholder fiduciaries etc. Also if you use E2E you could possibly drop the word “holistic” as this is now directly implied in the title and does not require this constant footnote reminder of: yes that includes you too portfolio managers, pricing managers, marketing managers, key account managers, etc. @Freek: a commendable idea, but since Gartner already claims to “own” the maturity levels, I think in reality academics are afraid to burn their fingers trying to compete there, or with APQC’s process definitions. – Improve customer service In the end IBP needs to lead to the execution of the plans proposed to deliver budget and strategy. That’s the wrong direction for me. In supply chain we’ve gone the other way around and I read about real-time S&OP or on demand S&OP. Cite as. We KNOW from experience leadership of an organization MUST be informed so they can properly pick the path the plan to proceed with ! The nirvana for any company is to achieve its purpose and envisioned future. • A decision-making process that realigns the tactical & operational plans for all functions within an accountable organisation entity, in support of the organisation’s goals and targets @All: in the end, the planning puzzle is quite clear in my mind at least. thanks for your contribution. https://supplychaintrend.com/2015/10/13/the-6-ultimate-signs-of-sop-maturity/. And I have been reading, researching, writing and practicing IBP for many years.