Things That Might Have Been. Famous As: Poet. Why didn't Borges translate his own stories into English? Borges war Mitbegründer der „lateinamerikanischen Phantastik“ und einer der zentralen Autoren der von Victoria Ocampo und ihrer Schwester Silvina 1931 gegründeten Zeitschrift Sur, die sich dem kulturellen Austausch zwischen Lateinamerika und Europa widmete. I think you should avoid a Penguin collection called Labyrinths, since if I'm not mistaken it's a collection from different books and that's not what you want. Après la guerre, la famille déménage de nouveau à Barcelone, Majorque puis Séville et enfin Madrid. Ne pas confondre avec l'homme politique cap-verdien, « comme une réflexion sur un des paradigmes dominants de l’époque — celui qui postule le réel comme une forme de chaos régi par une vérité occulte », « Jorge Luis Borges est l’un des dix, peut-être des cinq, auteurs modernes qu’il est essentiel d’avoir lus. Borges tends to mimic a lot of different voices and styles with his fiction, so for me, I enjoyed being able to sample many voices and styles in a single book. This one is presented directly with a single sentence that doesn't require much explanation from the author because he has explored the idea within the character of Funes. First he takes a simple yet elegant idea: A man who can remember everything. “ All writing is dreaming. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. -"esta declaración de la maestría // de Dios, que con magnífica ironía // me dio a la vez los libros y la noche." Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. by u/Alert_Ad_6701, "Two English poems, by J. L. Borges" by u/SantiagusDelSerif, "Chess and the Infinite in Borges" by u/Banake, "Lectores de Borges (Virtual Exhibition of Borges related art, right now at the Buenos Aires Library)" by u/Trucoto. Ce genre littéraire demeure seul, selon lui, à préserver le plan de la construction littéraire classique, avec une introduction, une intrigue et une conclusion. These were basically ripped apart in a lot of reviews. Top quotes by Jorge Luis Borges on love, God, religion, life, democracy and other things. Lors de la chute de la dictature, il accueille favorablement le retour à la démocratie, estimant que la junte a commis « toutes les erreurs et tous les crimes possibles »[11]. — Jorge Luis Borges. Borges reçoit de nombreuses distinctions, telles que le prix Cervantes et le prix de la langue-française de l’Académie française en 1979, le prix Balzan en 1980 (pour la philologie, la linguistique et la critique littéraire), le prix mondial Cino-Del-Duca en 1980 et la Légion d’honneur en 1983. The world was its dream. Jorge Luis Borges in the 1970’s and 1980’s: Borges continued to publish books well into the 1970’s. The world for them is not a concourse of objects in space; it is a heterogeneous series of independent acts. The consequences of this nightmare are the plot of Borges' short story. « Jorge Luis Borges est l’un des dix, peut-être des cinq, auteurs modernes qu’il est essentiel d’avoir lus. PS: I'm neither English nor American, so I don't know if there's something more recent that might interest you. The enchanted one insistsAnd shapes God with delicate geometry.Since his illness, since his birth,He goes on constructing God with the word.The mightiest love was granted himLove that does not expect to be loved. Opposé à « l’abominable dictature du général Perón »[3], il soutient initialement la junte militaire au pouvoir. I am all the writers that I have read, all the people that I have met, all the women that I have loved; all the cities that I have visited, all my ancestors.“, „I cannot sleep unless I am surrounded by books.“, „Let others pride themselves about how many pages they have written; I'd rather boast about the ones I've read.“, „Being with you and not being with you is the only way I have to measure time.“, „To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god.“, „A writer — and, I believe, generally all persons — must think that whatever happens to him or her is a resource. While the Collected Fictions would also be my recommendation since the book contains everything and not just a selection, if you want to just get a small book and go from there, I'd suggest getting Ficciones. Notre vision des êtres et des choses a changé. Forgetting is no mere vis inertiae [force of inertia] as the superficial imagine; it is rather an active and in the strictest sense positive faculty of repression, that is responsible for the fact that what we experience and absorb enters our consciousness as little while we are digesting it (one might call the process “inpsychation”) as does the thousandfold process, involved in physical nourishment—so-called “incorporation.” To close the doors and windows of consciousness for a time; to remain undisturbed by the noise and struggle of our underworld of utility organs working with and against one another; a little quietness, a little tabula rasa [blank slate] of the consciousness, to make room for new things, above all for the nobler functions and functionaries, for regulation, foresight, premeditation (for our organism is an oligarchy)—that is the purpose of active forgetfulness, which is like a doorkeeper, a preserver of psychic order, repose, and etiquette: so that it will be immediately obvious how there could be no happiness, no cheerfulness, no hope, no pride, no present, without forgetfulness. 1214 quotes from Jorge Luis Borges: 'I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. Other Inquisitions (1952), The Analytical Language of John WilkinsKontext: These ambiguities, redundances, and deficiences recall those attributed by Dr. Franz Kuhn to a certain Chinese encyclopedia entitled Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge. All that happens to us, including our humiliations, our misfortunes, our embarrassments, all is given to us as raw material, as clay, so that we may shape our art.“, „Who are the inventors of Tlön?