I am loading more fabric on that is Alexander Henry which flies out shop doors. It feels so good to be helpful and loving. It just made me think I want to do more leaves in what I am working on now! It is available on this website. Looking forward to our field trip to Coeur d'Alene and lunch at the large hotel too. But I remember them so well and dearly. I am just finishing up my third strippie. I am going to teach STORY QUILTS here April 3rd through 7th- Woodland Ridge Story Quilt Retreat -www.woodlandridgeretreat.com/classes . I have things in the works here and next door to my studio is a lovely classroom and great cooks to provide all meals except a lunch and a dinner on our field trips which I pay for. I loved the feeling there. http://www.woodlandridgeretreat.com.Then shortly after that and the day after Easter I head to Wisconsin to a beautiful retreat center. If you follow my blog and wonder where I am, it is not letting me load things. Yippee! We also have made many variations including substituting a variety of 6 1/2″ squares sewn together for the focus row or substituting a different fabric for each focus row, Alternating colors on the smaller strips and so forth. They tell me spring. Lovely children now grown. I’m working up tons of charity quilts lately. Made me want to sketch and do some things with people at the beach! This is the month to be most Thankful. I have my library open and my studio where we can find just the right touch to make your quilt a lasting memory that people will love. Its a great kick off to the next day when we start creating! "If you always do what you have always done, you always get what you've always got!" I love to surf the net to find cool craft projects recipes and all kinds of stuff. Our guild along with a few other guilds need 100 quilts to be presented in July in south Florida. The Swan house was amazing. Just found this pattern from the 9 super cool quilty things on the internet at Stitch This. I make a lot of charity quilts, I also love scrappy quilts. A nice thing to do and it feels great that they so appreciate it. I even used the idea to make a bedspread size one for my grandson’s bed in Avengers material….Thanks, Thank you l will use this quilt ptrn for charity work. I am getting ready to head out on the road to teach. I am headed to Asilomar to take a class and then I go to Mississippi and then back to Asilomar to teach. The NEW NEWS is I have a great KIT of 8 darling pumpkins available on the pattern page under the store. This is my first time but I hear it is beautiful. So many fun novelty fabrics and they all work up SO cute! 9116 E. SPRAGUE -  #712, SPOKANE VALLEY, WA 99206. If you make this pattern, be sure to send me a photo and I’ll add it to this page. it is a good buy. My project will be one of our Sharon Inspired HeartStrings quilts and I’ve pulled my fabric and am ready to start on Thursday. It is cool and alovely to sew here! TexasQFK@aol.com, Hi, Mary. They are fun and make people smile when they see them. Thank you. I normally only do this in the Fall. October 17th,18,19th GOLDEN TRIANGLE BEAUMONT Texas (2 lectures the 17th) quilt class each day the 18th and 19th - FLOWER POWER ONE DAY AND HOITY TOITY HOUSES ONE DAY- ENOUGH TO ONLY START BUT GET ENOUGH HANDOUTS AND INFO TO DO SOMETHING REALLY FUN AND MANY OF THESE HAVE WON PRIZES. I put it with blocks from Terry and Janet and am doing my own blocks. Its also perfect as a scrap quilt. 38 jelly roll stripsor 16 fat quarters 1 yard white for large white squares 34 yard for small 5 patch squares 3 34 yards of fabric for backing 58 yard for binding for. Thousands of people fly and rive in to shop there. You might remember this quilt from a couple months ago. Hope to make one soon. Hi Mary, I like this new pattern. Its a New Year in 2018 and the word is "BEGIN." We have girls from all over the US that are coming and I have already started to shop for nice gifts for everyone and fun ideas! If you see someone that lost their smile, share YOURS. Your email address will not be published. Please contact me. They are lovely to work with! In 80 years when people look at your quilts you made, what will they know about your life? My daughter in law helped me pack a studio I have had for 28 years. I got enough huckleberries to make a cream pie which I do once a year! I have some great fabric you will not find in the stores. We have alot of trees and lakes and mountains here. Appreciate your sharing. 1) Cut and sew a 2.5 inch border to the top and bottom of the quilt 2) Add the 6 inch border of half square triangles to the top and bottom of the quilt Always beautiful!…and goes together so quickly. I have made some that were similar but I like your versions much more. I have stacks of fabric to do a story quilt my Father who when retired went to garage sales and bought me hundreds and hundres of buttons. Though I really feel that God watches over me and my home. Wish me luck! Come and join us for fun. If you live in a home with warmth, food and love you are very fortunate as am I. :0), My things are all about imagination, being happy and having fun! Kelly from NH. But when it’s put together like this, it makes the perfect medium. WE ARE MAKING A PERSON AND THEY CAN BE WHO YOU ARE INSIDE! Each one of my story quilt becomes more meaningful as time goes on and my kids are finally at an age where they LOVE and appreciate the stories told. Using a page daily of gratitudes has really made a big difference. I am open for some dates coming up to teach my crazy birds on pieced backgrounds, How to's on taking my book blocks and stretching and manipulating them to make them YOURS. I am about to make my first quilt for my neice’s baby due in November. You cannot keep everything. Please come and join me. This is an awesome pattern!! Hoochy Two-Chy. Mary Ellen’s Garden provides a wonderful opportunity to combine appliqué and traditional. Sentimentality. Welcome. I can hardly wait to make this pattern. ). Coloring sheets for each size of the pattern are available for free download here. Would love to just go to visit and see what all I missed! It is all about who you imagine you are that day! Have wanted something attractive when finished yet easy with lots of free motion quilting room. Mary, thank you for sharing your QOV patterns! :0) Isn't that wonderful? We’re going to have a sew along Thanksgiving weekend. Phew! Now is your chance. In designing this quilt, I wanted to share those early tender moments after a mother snuggles with her newborn child. Grandma mary five patch quilt pattern free. I will probably start posting some of my recipes. Size up easily by making more finished blocks. This is what the world needs. Remember when we were so worried about the Milennium? I just finished making the Tessalating Pinwheel pattern that you have shown. It can help in ways you have no idea! After treatment I am cancer free. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I am cutting fabric for Halloween and I love these colors! I will throw in a fabric surprise of GOOD new fabric too. You are very definitely a designer, maker, crafter, and talented. Will be fun to show them this part of the US. There is nothing like a Story quilt class to help you leave a legacy quilt telling who and what you love. I spent Easter again this year at the Mission with the homeless who hang on every word said there and their faces show it. The finished quilts will go to those who lost everything this summer in the Lake County CA fires. Think of your life from gradeschool, college, to courting or dating, to marriage, to your favorite cats or dogs or horses, or collecting antiques or perhaps you love garage saleing etc.