Let’s look at how to list language proficiency levels on your resume. This can show potential employers how you can apply those past skills to an upcoming position. Language skills levels is a valuable information to have on your resume, as more and more US companies enter the global marketplace and search for candidates who have language proficiency levels. Before listing language knowledge on a resume… Putting your certified language skills on your CV. On a CV you therefore find many different types of information about yourself, so that this person is able to form a clearer picture about just who you are and what skills you have. Here is an example of showcasing your Excel skills in the experience section of your resume: “Utilized Microsoft Excel to categorize previous budget reports into a detailed pivot table … Your language skills are only a small part of your resume, so it’s vital that also you understand how to write a resume … Therefore various of your assets are mentioned on a CV, such as automation knowledge, the education you’ve enjoyed and language … Once you have certification of your language skills, you want to present your score in a format that’s easy to understand. How to include language skills on your resume will depend on whether they are relevant to the job, how many you speak, and to what level.. They are typically listed at the bottom of your resume, under a category such as “Skills” or … Language Proficiency Levels Resume. I recommend including the test … Language skills are always impressive and for some jobs they are a requirement.