Read More…. Then sprinkle with dry seasonings and toss to coat well. What is a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet (WFPB)? So for a recap of some liquids to mist on air-popped corn before sprinkling with dry seasonings. Use code CYBER10 for 10% off through Nov 30th. Not so hungry? Mist lightly with water or other liquid ingredient listed above. In addition to being naturally low in fat and calories, popcorn also contains health-promoting fiber, vitamins, and minerals. New to Gneiss Spice? Unfortunately, many brands of microwave popcorn are made using hydrogenated oils, which contain harmful trans fats. Researchers from the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania found that popcorn contains higher levels of antioxidant polyphenols than other whole-grain foods, fruits or vegetables. We're theater lovers who seem to gravitate towards popcorn as a symbol of a good time. We decided to name our company after Dave's grandfather because his values are the foundation of what we believe in. Then this movie night popcorn seasoning blend is for you. Quick shop. Franklin's Gourmet, Organic Popping Corn is a healthy snack option the whole family can enjoy! 30 ($26.30/Count) True Lime Garlic & Cilantro Seasoning (2 pack). Adding just a tablespoon of butter adds 130 calories. Direct questions? Don't let that fool you, just because it's healthy, it tastes good, too. If you love gingerbread, you won't be able to resist a bowl of your popcorn seasoned with Dell Cove® Iced Gingerbread popcorn seasoning. It is different from bread and cereals that have been through many different types of processing. The ingredient list may be simple, but the flavor of Dell Cove® Sweet Maui Onion popcorn seasoning is anything but. Don’t overspray, as you only want enough water (or other liquid as listed below) to make the dry seasoning stick, but not cause the popcorn to become chewy. Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning Mini Jars Variety Pack, 0.9 Ounce (Pack of 8) These are the values that he passed on to Dave, the co-Founder of Franklin's Gourmet Products. Savory Popcorn Seasoning. is a healthy snack, loaded with vitamins and minerals. While testing new flavors, an idea popped up. It just doesn’t get much easier. Cooking sprayers disperse a finer mist which is best. Flavor God Seasonings - Gluten Free, Low Sodium, Paleo, Vegan, No MSG, Bragg Premium Nutritional Yeast Seasoning 4.5 Ounce (Packaging May Vary), Kernel Season's WHITE CHEDDAR SEASONING 2.85oz (3 Pack) by Kernel Season's, Kernal Season's Popcorn Seasoning 4 Flavor Variety Pack: 1 White Cheddar (2.85oz), 1 Nacho Cheddar (2.85oz), 1 Cheesy Jalapeno (2.4oz), and 1 Ranch (2.7oz), Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning Mini Jars Variety Pack, 0.9 Ounce (Pack of 8) & Popcorn Seasoning, Kettle Corn, 3 Ounce (Pack of 6). Please rate and leave a comment because I love hearing from you. Check out our FAQs videos. Cooking popcorn on the stovetop takes about 10 minutes and requires active participation. Popcorn is an unprocessed whole grain. It can be made on the stove top, in an air popper or in the microwave. Johnny's Seasoning Salt , NO MSG 42-Ounce Bottle(Pack of 2), Modern Products Spike Gourmet Natural Seasoning - Vege Sal - Box - 20 Oz, Trader Joe's Chile Lime Seasoning Blend, 2.9 oz, Pack of 1, Johnny's Fine Foods Salt Popcorn, 4.7500-ounces (Pack of6), Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends No Salt & No Sugar, Sweet and Spicy, 2-Ounce, Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning 4 Flavor Variety Bundle: (1) Kernel Season's White Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning, (1) Kernel Season's Nacho Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning, (1) Kernel Season's Garlic Parmesan Popcorn Seasoning, and (1) Kernal Season's Butter Popcorn Seasoning, 2.85 Oz. Crispy, cr... Sweet, salty and oh so good, Dell Cove® Kettle Corn popcorn seasoning uses organic sugar and sea salt and is a delicious way to spice up your class... Dell Cove® Salt and Vinegar popcorn seasoning is a tangy salty blend - just like the popular flavor for potato chips, but for your popcorn bowl. It’s truly the best you can get. ... Dell Cove® Chocolate Caramel popcorn seasoning blends rich dark cocoa powder, organic cacao nibs, and organic sugar with a buttery caramel that - w... Dell Cove® Cinnamon and Spiced Sugar Popcorn Seasoning adds a twist on the classic popcorn snack. Time is fleeting. How Many Calories are in Movie Theater Popcorn, large pot with tight-fitting lid and handles on each side, 2 hand towels or oven mitts to hold onto hot pot handles, Balsamic vinegar, garlic salt, and onion powder, Pickle juice and dill, chili powder, garlic powder, cinnamon, Soy sauce, lemon pepper, curry, garlic powder, dill, Maple syrup drizzled over and sprinkled with cinnamon. Our Organic Popcorn pops to perfection for whatever seasoning you sprinkle on top. from $ 8.95 USD. Fear of microwaves is not science-based. td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;} We love everything about New Orleans, including the flavors of this city we consider a second home. Once your popcorn is popped using one of the methods above, the key is to lightly mist it with a water bottle or cooking sprayer. Love spicy snacks?