The Witch of Blackbird Pond tells the story of Kit Tyler, a … One of the best Classic YA Historical Fiction books about witches for a magical visit to 17th century Barbados and Puritan colony of Connecticut. There’s so many “inspired” books and book covers based on it. The Crucible by Arthur Miller No list of witch-hunt books would be complete without Miller’s play. Witchcraft: A Ladybird Expert Book by Suzannah Lipscomb. 13 Witchy Fiction Books For Teens by Andrea Lipinski, Senior Young Adult Librarian, Kingsbridge Library October 2, 2019 Would you like to bundle up in the dark this Halloween season and read some stories about witches? An entertaining introduction into the history of witchcraft, this book looks back in time to the moment witches were thought to be at their most perilous: during the witch … Many of these tales have been turned into the best witch movies or TV shows starring A-list actors like … Top 10s Fiction. To boot, we've rounded up our best DIY book character costumes for our book lovers. Her book, The Green Witch, alone set the trend for witchcraft books in the late 2010s and is still going strong.