25% thicker in walls and base than our biggest competitor’s product. Ensure the soil is removed to a safe distance away from the excavation hole and activity. hide Mon-Fri ----- 7am - 6pm. Contact Details . Considering all this, @ VME, we are offering this product. Our organization is offering best quality Precast Water Storage Tank to our clients. The policy contained herein describes specific policy information and purchaser requirements for underground wastewater precast concrete tanks and structures (hereon referred as TANK, including grease interceptors, sand-oil interceptors, sand traps, stormwater interceptors, septic tanks, clarifiers and holding tanks. Building and delivering precast concrete septic tanks on Vancouver Island. 33AACCV8267B1ZF. Backed by advanced technology and expert professionals, we have successfully catered to the needs and demands of our clients. These Precast Tanks are widely used in both residential and commercial spaces. Why tank water is so acidic Underground concrete tanks is normally roof harvested rain water, which is naturally acidic. Easy to complete the work in high water table areas. Ensure that all minimum setback distances from buildings and boundary fences etc. SEND EMAIL. SARG Water Solutions provides underground pre-cast concrete tanks manufactured by Jensen Precast, a precast concrete manufacturer for more than 40 years. Underground Water Tank Options Built to be as durable as steel water tanks, these types of tanks carry an incredible amount of liquid without taking up space on the surface. The tank pictured on the right is a 4 cell system, as the tanks are created from a modular system it is possible to create a storage system to suit any capacity you require. Add To Quote. If tank is not required in a place, even after several years, the tank can be lifted and replaced in a new location. Precast tanks ensure site excavation is never open for long periods of time, therefore reducing the risk of accidents to both site workers and the visiting public. For a lifetime of beautiful durability, nothing beats a C&M Precast Water Storage Tank. Backfilling should be done with loose sand and it should be well compacted, so that all the voids are filled properly. Shrinkage is restrained by subgrade or foundation thus develops the internal tensile stresses. Tank can be removed and moved to a different place, in cases of building expansion plans etc.. These systems are designed specifically for large capacities and to compete with in-situ head to head; achieve a substantial detention system in 1–3 days instead of weeks. VME Precast Private Limited. These tanks can be built by a contractor or the owner. With water being such a precious commodity today, our precast concrete water tanks serve as an environment friendly option for water harvesting as well as being free of chemicals and algae, providing the user with cool, clean and clear water. VME Precast is a diversified unit of the VME Group which is primarily involved in planning, execution and transfer of specialised projects in the field of construction like road overbridges, railway bridges and such other structures, besides highway enhancement. (9100 L) Water Storage tank Reinforced for traffic loading 156"L x 108"W x 56"H 15 View $7500.00. WATER TANKS. are achieved. No matter how difficult the site access, Precast concrete provides superior solutions for today’s storage needs. Weather will mainly affect the works below ground. Our tanks are used by consumers that have no or limited access to town water. This prevents uplift of tank. Check if there adequate space available for cranes and to install large tanks. Name: Description: Outside Dimensions: Tons: Drawings: Price: 2000 Cistern: 2000 Gal. Excavation has to be done based on the size of the tank, keeping an allowance of 1 feet all around for easy erection. If rain is likely to come during the time of erection, do not commence excavation. We commit our clients for exceptional quality at affordable price. Phone: +91 9840041400 Check that the tank is not to be installed in a low region that is prone to flooding, pooling of storm water. Whereas in our case, we can go step by step and have a battery of tanks. Poor workmanship: There is a huge shortage of quality manpower and it will not be possible to check closely and also difficult to access the place behind the wall, towards the earthen side. It could add value to the property and won’t need replacing as quickly as the cheaper plastic models. When plastic tanks are exposed to sunlight, water starts to taste bad and drinking such water stored in low grade plastic tanks can lead to health hazards. Angle the batter according to the soil conditions to ensure stability. Precast Concrete Tank systems offer a high degree of adaptability to a wide range of site and environmental conditions. Water Pumps Accessories. Tank can be coated with special chemicals to store hazardous chemicals, oil etc., Grade of concrete is high when compared to conventional casting, since precast concrete tanks are casted in a controlled environment. Considering all this, @ VME, we are offering this product. Delivered to Site in ground concrete tank (Precast Concrete Tanks) (Davey Pump and RainBank Concrete Tank System) The automatic tank and mains water controller for your home The Rainbank system is a small unit that can be installed between the tank and the mains water supply. Tank sizes are available in 5000L HD, 10000L HD (commonly used for use in domestic situations), 10000L STD, 22500L HD, 22500L STD, 32500L HD, 32500L STD. As the name applies, underground tanks stay out of site, hiding underground as to not affect the look of the overall property. We build concrete water tanks from 4,000L up to 4 million litres. Custom Concrete Tanks also available. Each of the tanks are tested for leak before dispatch. Precast tanks eliminate the need for large on-site labour, faster construction schedules, low ongoing maintenance costs and longer life. Ensure that the base is levelled and filled with at least 100mm of sand or crusher dust. Our offered range consists of best grade Industrial Storage tank, Concrete Water Tank, and Precast Swimming Pool Tank.