Used as a hot oil treatment, it provides a soothing effect along with the desired nourishment. This widespread availability means that palm oil is finding ever increasing uses in the food sector. You have successfully subscribed to receive our newsletter, Reach out to us at or +2349047687354 to advertise with us. In addition to palm oil and palm kernel oil fractions, other liquid vegetable oils are used as components, further extending the range and functionality of the different finished products that can be made. Screening of germplasm has revealed a considerable level of variation for kernel to bunch which could be the basis for exploitation of elite materials with high kernel content. The short chain acids contribute to the pleasant flavor of pizza containing mozzarella cheese. By applying the modification techniques, new product such as oil suitable for edible purposes can be obtained. Although palm kernel oil and palm oil are derived from the same plant, these oils differ considerably in their characteristics and properties. Nearly 64% consist of lauric (C12) and myristic (C14) acids. Extraction rates of these imported machines are usually about 86% compared to locally fabricated variants with extraction rates of about 80%. Only about 10–15% of palm oil is used for non-food application. Traditionally palm oil is used for food. There are various ways of defining and measuring the melting characteristics of an oil or fat such as the slip melting point, Wiley melting point (AOCS. The kernel handling section has been described earlier. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition (Second Edition), Lipid Metabolism in Plants Under High Temperature, Effect of High Temperature on Crop Productivity and Metabolism of Macro Molecules, PRODUCTION SYSTEMS AND AGRONOMY | Oil Palm and Coconut, Palm Oleochemicals in Non-food Applications, Shoot Kian Yeong, ... Hazimah Abu Hassan, in, Palm and Palm Kernel Oil Production and Processing in Nigeria, Oilseed Composition and Modification for Health and Nutrition, Saturated fats in foods and strategies for their replacement: an introduction, Processing Solutions: Fractionation and Blended Oils, Measurement and Maintenance of Palm Oil Quality. Palm oil was the leading edible oil produced, overtaking soybean oil which accounted for ~ 23% of global production. Isona L. Gold, ... Dere A. Okiy, in Palm Oil, 2012. Its healing properties help combats the effect of epilepsy attack, as well as offering great relief. Palm oil is semisolid at room temperature, while palm kernel oil contains triacylglycerols that melted sharply at about body temperature. Palm kernel oil helps in relieving from dry itchy skin with ragged cuticles. Palm kernel oil shows amazing results on hair growth. This chapter will discuss some of the nutritional aspects of palm oil and summarize key findings. Porim was renamed Malaysian Palm Oil Board in 2000. The Oil Palm, 3rd edn. (1982), while a comparison of nine methods for determining melting points of oils and fats was discussed by De Man et al. This feature is used to improve the mouth feel (rapid melting) in the following formula: Palm kernel olein (30 parts) interesterified with palm stearin (70 parts) forms a margarine stock. Palm oil contains very little natural glycerin, so although it makes nice bubbles, it is not considered a moisturizing type of oil. The oleins and stearins can be further fractionated to give added flexibility. The basic oleochemicals industry started in the West, United States, and Western Europe because of the availability of tallow and soybean as the feedstock, and this is why most of the technology to produce these basic oleochemicals established in Malaysian oleochemical industry is brought in by multinational investors. [10], Palm kernel oil is commonly used in commercial cooking because it is lower in cost than other oils and remains stable at high cooking temperatures. They are unique, as no other commodity plant oil contains more than 1% lauric acid (Pantzaris and Basiron, 2002). 1.6. G. Talbot, in Reducing Saturated Fats in Foods, 2011. RBD oil has a beta prime stable crystal habit that allows creaming and imparts a smooth texture to baked goods. Fig. Palm kernel oil (PKO) contains primarily trigylcerides with short chain fatty acids. In 1979 with support from the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) and UPM, the government set up the Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia (Porim),[6] a public-and-private-coordinated institution. [7] Palm kernel oil is high in lauric acid which has been shown to raise blood cholesterol levels, both as LDL-C (cholesterol contained in low-density lipoprotein) and HDL-C (cholesterol contained in high-density lipoprotein). About 85 to 90% of palm oil is used in food application such as cooking oil, margarine, shortening, confectionery fats, etc. [13][14], Resembling coconut oil, palm kernel oil is packed with myristic and lauric fatty acids and therefore suitable for the manufacture of soaps, washing powders and personal care products. Total national output of palm kernel as of 2009 was 234,133 tonnes, and production by large estates accounted for about 11% (25,982 tonnes per annum). By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. In this method, the oil or fat column is solidified in open capillary tubes tempered at a fixed temperature for a specified time period and then heated in a water bath until the fat rises in the tube under hydrostatic pressure.