Great. $349 is definitely an investment; so be completely sure about this. summarizes perfectly how the USB differs from the XLR. Do people still read that? Does that make sense? All you need to do is download the Companion App, connect your RØDECaster Pro to your computer via USB and install the update. Here are some great boom arm options for those looking:​​. We use SquadCast and love that too. I am here to find the suitable gears for my plan. On the other hand, there are condenser mics. However, most times we’ve come across them being used, it was simply purchased by a podcaster who thought that spending more would give them the best results. This dynamic mic comes with a unique feature that supports both USB and XLR connections! Thank you for this informative article. Fantastic article! Speaking of maximum functionality. Or the ones from your earphones. Open-back ones (and earbuds especially) are more likely to pick up unwanted feedback from your surroundings, so that’s a no-no. While this is not a direct flaw of the RODECaster itself, this situation arises so often that it seems fitting to place this here. Zoom has a setting under recording that says Record a separate audio file for each participant. Is there any bundles that you’d recommend? If you’re lucky enough to have soundproof walls or to record from a controlled environment, the condenser mics would do the trick. The ATH-M50x is exceptional at noise-isolation and blocking. Headphones that isolate noise are wayyy better at equalizing your audio and frequencies, so you’ll have a better chance of balancing your audio levels for a natural sound. We know that we categorized this under the ‘professional’ capacity, but the Rodecaster is simple enough for beginners to understand as well. To put it quite simply – the Crossfade LP2 is simply endgame. Best part? This means that you don’t necessarily need an extra mixer when you’re connecting multiple mics. It comes with an easy swivel, flexible gooseneck holder and built-in clamp. It diminishes the quality of your audio and can be frankly irritating to the ears of your listeners.Pop filters are aimed at reducing these unwanted sounds. Well for one, the Crossfade LP2 isn’t just all glitz and glamour on the outside. So this means that you’ll eventually be getting both sides of an amazing coin. If you’re only just starting out with equipment needed to start a podcast, this doesn’t have to concern you so much. Minus the jargon and confusing tech features. The Podcaster was designed with the intent to capture accurate speech and to eliminate background noise that would be picked up by your average mics. The C214 isn’t just pricey for no reason though. Check it out here. We know it’s definitely an investment – so we recommend the Zoom H6 for expert podcasters who frequently conduct interviews or want to completely omit on an added interface. Hi Jeremy! But of course, you’re not going to attract quality audiences with subpar recording equipment. The Zoom H6 acts basically as an all-in-one recording solution – that even lets you double down on its own audio interface features. There are tons of shock mount options to choose from. To use wireless mics (lavalier), you’d probably need a wireless mic that has a USB adapter but it’s definitely possible. This is especially handy if you’re operating from a podcast studio – where you frequently have hosts and visitors over. If you’re interested in the very basic version of a mixer but with quality features; look no further than Roland’s Mixer.The GO Mixer Pro allows you to create + stream your audio directly to the Internet. This doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing though. So are there situations where a RODECaster would be the best fit? We contacted RODE support and they told us there’s no manual available “due to constant firmware updates and feature changes, this would need updated far too frequently”. Now it might sound the same, but noise-isolating and noise-cancelling headphones produce different results. Both alternatives to recording software have their own power players. Finally, an article where I am able to get valuable information concerning building an online hustle. Another distinction that you need to be aware of is the mic’s connections. This software allows you to update your RØDECaster Pro’s firmware, customise your sound pads, save snapshots of your settings, adjust processing parameters and much more. Critics might swear by it, but you don’t need to start stocking up on every single tool there is. We think it’s probably got something to do with just how unbelievably cheap it is – and for such amazing quality.Most cheaper pop filters tend to break apart within the first few weeks, but the Nady is one that has yet to disappoint. So you’re not just getting one mic – you’re getting the whole deal. Sure!! Where your guest is not the same studio but you’re doing it over the internet? But for a lot of reasons, many podcasters still insist on getting one. It was designed to lead the game of high-quality sound, and be the ultimate mic for professionals looking to stand out from the masses. We recommend the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB/XLR if you’re looking for ultimate versatility. So that’s why in this article, we want to hone in on what’s going to work for you. There are situations where it is a good fit, however, we’ve seen podcasters buy this device only to have it complicate their life (and their editor’s life) and offer no benefit over a USB microphone at a fraction of the cost. You’ll even get two different detachable mic capsules included with your purchase. For solo recording, Audacity or GarageBand are perfect and free. As an alternative, look at this competitive product: Can recording and live video be done simultaneously? This article contains affiliate links and we may earn a small commission should you choose to click through and make a purchase. If you’re operating your podcast from the comfort of your own room, next to a people-filled studio or the sorts – we suggest dynamic mics to cancel out that background feed. Want more great podcasting content? And the best thing about podcasts is that everyone actually can make their own podcast – you just need a topic to speak about and a microphone. So you’re definitely getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to anything they do. You may be wondering why we would bother writing an article like this. It’s tiny and portable – making it super easy to set up on the go.Case in point, the GO Mixer is perfect for vloggers and podcasters just interested in the essentials of a sturdy mixer. We’re also excited about the Zoom PodTrak P4 which has a lower pricepoint. You’ve got your 9 audio inputs to connect all of your sources (guitar and bass lines, condenser mics, etc) as well as powered perfectly with apps like Garageband.Roland’s mixer uses 4xAAA alkaline batteries that go on for up to 4 hours. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Online recording platforms such as Squadcast take care of the recording for interviews, and retrieving the files is easy. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.