Soc. San Antonio, TX. Jump to bottom. 3. Download Metro Rome: timetables & lines and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎The Rome Metro Guide is the quick and easy way to navigate your way into and around the city using the subway service. Rome Metro App for iPhone? 10 Rome Apps. : 06.46951 - Posta Elettronica Certificata: Codice destinatario ATAC fatturazione elettronica: ZXNLOHW (la quinta lettera è una O). Rome Metro – if you plan on using the Metro, some type of Metro app is critical. ‎SPECIAL FEATURES - AUGMENTED REALITY - AR - STOP CARRYING BOOK GUIDES!!! Posted by peggy (USA) on 09/03/17 09:58 PM. Key features: - Accurate and up-to-date subway maps - Quick and convenient route planer with travel time and distance information - Exact trip cost calculator - Find the near… Station name are clear and big enough to identify. The Metro. 2. To our surprise, Rome Metro is actually one of the few city-specific transit applications that come equipped with a beautiful and easy to navigate user interface. I have downloaded several rome metro apps but none shows the rome map along with the metro lines and stations. 09/03/17 11:00 PM. 1. 2. Each station is shown as a placeholder th… No internet connection required. This app includes: + ROME METRO GUIDE AND SUBWAY ROUTE + ROME CENTER MAP + ROME TRAM MAP + ROME NIGHT LINES + OSTIA LINES MAP. Mark Gittins, a GooglePlay user, called Probus the "best transport app for Rome". RomaPass can also be purchased in person at official outlets in Rome. Key features: 1. Can zoom in, zoom out and scroll vertical and horizontal. euro 179.519.299,00 int. Please note that the link to purchase a RomaPass is included for convenience and is an affiliate link. Probus Rome is one for the bus. Do you have any questions or tips for using the Rome metro system? Rome Pocket Guide: I do not know of an app for the metro. Rome Metro lets you browse a high quality map of the subway and tram network of Rome. Hopefully one that is GPS enabled? Can someone recommend a good App for the iPhone of the Metro system of Rome? High resolution map. Download Rome Travel Guide . 134 posts. Second option if you’re looking to less travel time , choose the underground transportation system, the “metro”. Answer 1 of 8: I have a Paris metro app that merges than paris map with the metro lines and is super easy to use. All maps are offline. versato - Iscr. ATAC S.p.A. Azienda per la mobilità - Via Prenestina, 45 - 00176 Roma - Tel. It does not require an Internet connection and works offline as well. P.S. Posted by Denise. I picked Rome Metro because it was cheap and provides station lists for both Lines A and B, maps, and a points of interest list with the nearest Metro stops (super helpful!) ‎Whether you are a tourist or you live in Rome, this app will be perfect for you! You could also try Muoversi a Roma, the city's official transport app, which also covers the metro, though this has mixed reviews, or CityMapper, a global app which covers public transport and also gives options for cycling, taxis and walking. You can find this kind of information on the Discover Rome app for iPhone and Android. Move easily within the capital of Italy using the three metro lines. Rome Metro. TIA. Società con socio unico soggetta alla direzione e coordinamento di Roma Capitale - P. Iva 06341981006 - Cap. ‎If you actually based in Rome and you'd like to use the tube, you need to download this app! EasyMetro, easy to use, offers the following functions: - ACCURATE MAP of all the subway stations in Rome. and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.