This is an important exception to the rule in the previous bullet point. The names of courses should be capitalised. Do not capitalise the year in school. When it is the name of a nationality, example: French, Portuguese, English. B. The…, [lastudpated] Redundant means "more than is needed." Capitalise the first word and all important words of the title when you are writing for an English, history, art, or language class. You study English, French, Spanish, Latin, Arabic, Mandarin, and so on. Solar Laptop Bag - Charge your laptop and cell phone on the go! Here are some other important rules for using them. I was prompted to write this…, For more information and guidelines on how to write a…, The word is a preposition when it is used with…, Topic Sentence: Racism is Rife in the United States, The topic sentence is the condensation of the idea that…, A Day I Will Never Forget: Saying Goodbye, It was 9 AM on Saturday morning. 3. There are lots of times when you need to use capital letters – for example, to start a sentence or for the pronoun I. Essays, reports, presentations, and research papers usually do have titles. All these subjects are the names of languages, so all are capitalised. Perhaps, long ago, a teacher wished to show the students that they were not important enough to merit a capital letter! Merriam-Webster references for Mobile, Kindle, print, and more. Hal is majoring in English. When you are at school, do you study biology or Biology? Do not capitalize the names of other disciplines when using them in a general sense or when referring to courses, except when you are citing the official name of a particular course. There are only three times when you need to capitalize the FIRST LETTER name of a school subject, as follows: 2. 3. If you're starting to panic at the thought of what…, Principal = Independent, Subordinate = Dependent, The two broadest categories of clauses are: Principal Clauses Subordinate…, Every part of speech has a specific function in a…, December 23 1987 was a warm, clear day, and I…, Sadly, humans have a habit of being arrogant and aggressive.…, The compound sentence is made up of 2 or more…, Words often carry different shades of meaning. Do not capitalise every word, though. I had already…, A prepositional phrase is a group of words working as…, The English expression "take advantage of" can have several shades…, Have you ever heard the expression "sitting duck" and wondered…, A preposition and its object together form a prepositional phrase.…, Some of my private students of CXC English were given…, First Published: 4th of October, 2020 Words often have several…, Write an debate opposing the following motion: The Contract Signed…, Suspense is a writer's craft used in literary works, especially…, War is a time of misery and death, but the…, Fun With Parts of Speech: Quadruple Usage Words, I've mentioned earlier that we only stamp a word as…, A Day I Will Never Forget: Happy Experience, There was nothing unusual about that Saturday morning, but it…, How you view the world around you and the events…, This article was first published on the 30th of June,…, ← Round Your Mouth: The Trouble with Caribbean English, English Language and Literature by Patrick Carpen, Plan of Investigation – School Based Assessment for CXC, Comprehension: Answer in Complete Sentences, Round Your Mouth: The Trouble with Caribbean English, The “th” Sound – English Versus Caribbean Pronunciation, The “ing” Sound – Common Caribbean Mispronunciations, Descriptive Writing: A Snake Above My Head, Detailed Narration: An Accident I Avoided, Prepostions or Adverbs: Double Value Words, It All Depended On Us To Defend Our Country, The Short Story: Dramatizing the Narration, Dear John – A Book Review by Patrick Carpen, The Apposition Versus the Subordinate Clause, Forming Compound and Complex Sentences: Practice Exercises. You study science, maths, history, and art. Scientists like to keep things simple! School, after all, is where education matters. Redundancy is the…, The law of reciprocal association is a "mirror law," which…, The Adverb and Adjective Prepositional Phrases, For Revision and Reinforcement. Most of the time you do NOT capitalize the FIRST LETTER of the name of a school subject. He had always hated biology and chemistry. A. When you are talking about a school subject in a general way, you do not need to capitalize it unless it is the name of a language. Newton made important contributions to physics and mathematics. When it is the name of a nationality, example: French, Portuguese, English. Today, one of my English students asked me what does…, To recap: The simple sentence is made of one independent…, In order to better understand subject/verb agreement, it is important…, Explaining to students of English what a sentence clause really…, To make any kind of beverage, you need one essential…, Finding the subject of a sentence is easy when the…, In the English language, the letter "i" usually has two…, Plan of Investigation - School Based Assessment for CXC, Here's an example of how to write the plan of…, A clause, as it relates to the sentence, is a…, Dear Students of English, First of all, thanks for taking…, Both the phrase and the clause are parts of the…, In essay writing, the thesis statement defines the focal point…, A pronoun is a word which takes the place of…, Pronoun Cases: Subject and Object Pronouns, Which is correct? Capitalise subjects when they are the names of languages. My favourite subjects at school were history and geography. All these school subjects are in lowercase (non-capitals). The rules for capital letters (the ‘big’ letters) are not based on logic. Capitalize course titles such as History of the French Revolution and Childhood Psychology. Capital letters and apostrophers: Grammar test 1. And we read at the British Council´s website that: ´´We use capital letters when we talk about languages as school subjects – but other subjects don’t have a capital letter´´ If you do not, you risk appearing poorly educated. She is studying French literature. They had English together two years in a row. As you may have learned by…, Sometime back, a video was being circulated around Facebook describing…, A clause is a group of words in a sentence…, Contributed by Francilene Marcia Farias - Tourism Student - University…, A Simple Sentence is One Independent Clause, A clause is part of a sentence. Capitalise the titles of school assignments. Are you in Sixth Form or sixth form? 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