For the top of the pineapple, I sketched the leaves using a 3B pencil and then went over the lines with a stump. The second stage in building up the tone focuses on the spaces between and around the objects. Set up your objects on a flat surface near a comfortable place to sit for your sketch. Stumps and tortillions are entirely new to me, and I watched my mother do charcoals and pastels. Drawing from observation: •The goal is draw or paint the objects as accurate to the still life as possible. Answer: Yes, you can choose just about any subject for a still life. Finally, you focus again on the spaces between the objects, deepening their tones and increasing their contrast. Find relationships between objects. It makes me so happy and gives me energy when I see amazing hubs like this. Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on November 02, 2018: What a fantastic and detailed article! carolynkaye (author) from USA on December 01, 2014: Thanks for the comment, peachpurple. Allen Neims and Lynn Raynor on February 05, 2015: What a great tutorial. Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on February 05, 2015: This hub certainly deserved a HOTD accolade. Very interesting. Mary Hyatt from Florida on February 05, 2015: Congrats on HOTD! Everything was clear and easy to understand. I must show this to my granddaughter. I haven't done any real pencil art since college but I'd like to get back into it at some point. You did a stellar presentation of how to draw a still life. I myself am great at many forms of art so i got so into this! My family members are amazing artist, however I think that talent may have passed me up, however when I see articles such as this one it gives me hope! Experiment to see how the light hits your objects from various angles. carolynkaye (author) from USA on October 01, 2014: Thanks for the comments, billycamryn and Kingslayercrow :). Sahil Khan from Delhi on February 25, 2019: carolynkaye (author) from USA on November 03, 2018: Hello Poppy, Thanks so much for your kind words. But that was years ago. Krylon Workable Fixatif Spray is a good one for this purpose. It’s up to you. I'm glad you like the article and plan to try some drawings. The more care you take over the accuracy of these marks, the easier you will find the next stage of the drawing - the shading of tones. Well done with your explanations and step by step photos. Congratulations! Small details like stems on the fruit and spots on the banana were added. So glad to see an artistic subject picked as HOD and yours really deserves it! Work in the opposite direction if you’re left-handed. Prithima Sharma from Delhi, India on November 08, 2013: Tom Schumacher from Huntington Beach, CA on November 08, 2013: Excellent hub! Apples take practice to get right. Thank you so much for sharing. The amount of detail you went into is very helpful and rarely done in other tutorials. Encouraging others to draw is good stuff. Why? The Finished Still Life: The completed still life should work on two levels: as a realistic representation of the group of objects and as a dynamic composition of visual elements, harmonizing and contrasting the use of line, shape and tone. Once you’ve added some dark and medium tones and shadows to your object, use a stump to gently blend and shade your pencil strokes to make the area look as close to the object you’re sketching as possible. For the sketch I’m demonstrating in this article, I chose fruit because it’s one of the easiest things for beginning artists to draw. A kitchen or dining room table is ideal for this. She has been practising drawing what she can see from her bedroom window during Coronavirus lockdown. Thanks! carolynkaye (author) from USA on November 09, 2013: @ Tom Schumacher - I appreciate your comments :-) Thank you! I used to draw and now you have inspired me to go back and get my pencils and enjoy this great art. It also shows you how to be aware of the way light, dark and shadows affect the objects you’re sketching. Highlights can help add realism to your drawing. I really appreciate them all! Don’t worry if you need to turn to a new page and start over a few times. Use light pressure with your pencil so that it’s easy to erase things and move them around. Hi im doing this for my art class and thanks for making it step by step! A transparent wire frame approach to sketching the still life helps you to organize the composition of the group. There may be more shading or blending you need to do. Following you. I will have to try them next time. Look at your still life arrangement and notice where you see the darkest areas and shadows. Hello, That's a good question. Congrats on Hub of the Day! I always find that those who say they can't are happily surprised at how they feel about it if they will just start. In any still life, you should start to draw the objects as if they are transparent wire frame forms with visible lines of construction. Thank you (and thanks to GlimmerTwinFan for sharing:), Thanks, ChristinS :-) Glad you liked the Hub! on April 14, 2020: I'm doing this for art class More advanced artists can make an arrangement of objects of any size, shape and detail level to challenge their wider set of skills. Robie Benve from Ohio on February 05, 2015: Excellent hub! On this page, I will show in detail how to draw an apple for kids step by step.