Hey, did you ever get the treasure in the secret area under Deeplight? You may do this as many times as you want. comments powered by Disqus. While playing, pause the game and press Down, X, Left, Square, Up, Up, Triangle, Triangle, Right, Right, Circle, Circle, Down, Right, Up, Left, Triangle, X. Alia never meets me at the park and I am above 6%. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! For more Walkthrough and Endings guides you can also check: What do I need to do too get Ash to emerge from the jungle? This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Treasures of the Deep for PlayStation. v40071 triggered by albert showing up in sqallmall but he never showing up but soulstone tells me something happening at the sqallmall … so i cannot start this version help me,,. Finally give Philweed & ginseng plant to Emily. Pause the game and press Down, X, Left, Square, Up, Up, Triangle, Triangle, Right, Right, Circle, Circle, R2, R1, L2, L1. It included just one the Shark Attack bonus level. I had to restat the game for the new update. Some time ago, I noticed a mysterious looking chest. Go to Kaley’s room, interact with the window and use the binoculars, then take the empty bottle. Talk to Madalyn, Take the Chamber Key, and use it in the other room. When you get the id, give it to Tasha (bar), Give the Dark Rum to Albert (lighthouse) and get the binoculars in return, Use the binoculars in the beach, and use them again in Estero key to get 1 Naomi’s heart, Meet the girls in Cape Vedra, then go to Doctor’s office (talk to the administration), to the church and to the Squallmart, Sell the talismans to Diana, then go to the parlor and receive a massage ($30), Go to the Estero Park and look for more talismans. Help! Janet’s home: backyard, then living room, talk to Janet and Naomi, go to the kitchen and get some iced tea (refrigerator). Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. On the east side of the island there is a chest, open it to get a page, Give the plant to Pricia (Parlor) > Go to Sofia’s Mansion > Talk to Diana (Library). Go to the Full Mast Bar > talk to Albert (backyard) > get the drinks (next to Tasha) and give: Mojito: to the guy in the upper left corner, Buy Peanuts (Squallmart) and go back to the bar to get a Tasha heart > talk to Albert & Ash (parking lot) to get a photo), Talk to Diana (Cave) > go to Janet’s home, Rat Trap Recipe ingredients: Plastic Wrap + Roach + Gaffer Tape + Basic Container, Cockroach: Catch it (Full Mast Bar > Toilet), Basic Container: Break the vase you will find at the lower left corner of the backyard, Talk to Janet > enter the house and talk with her again > check the rat trap, Now you need to craft a bomb to blow up the wall in the Lighthouse, Rock Bomb ingredients: Nitroglycerin + Basic container (find it in the Lighthouse) + Silver Talisman + Jade Talisman, Use the rock bomb on the basement of the Lighthouse (blow up the wall), You can break the floor In front of the stairs, do it to get the chest key, Go to the Full Mast Bar > Backyard > Open the chest to get a page, Buy an outfit for Jessica, check the last page you have found, and invite Jessica home, Go to Squallmart > talk to Emily (if you didn’t before) > Talk to Diana (Library) > Go to the Cave with Clare and solve the puzzle (see the solution in the previous cave) > finally take the Dolomite with the pickaxe, Downstairs > go left and click on the blocks (there are 6) > insert Tikpak Artifact into the glowing shape > clear the stones below the stairs to find a new page, then take the Pirate Diary, Upstairs (leave): The chest is hidden under a tree, take also the crafting page, the white sand, the bait, and light the bowl (top) with the lighter, Full Mast Bar > Backyard > ligth the grill (lighter) to get Fly Ash, Cave: Craft Concrete (Stone Talisman + Fly Ash + White Sand + Dolomite, Home >Talk to Emily > give her red ginseng, phillweed and also Maca plant, After Naomi calls you eat a maca plant > Doctor office > pay 140 to the receptionist, Church > Madalyn’s room > give her the Pirate Diary > Take the Cursed shovel from the next room. 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Intro; Gameplay Info; Terra's Story; T - Land of Departure; T - … Craft the rat trap when you have all the ingredients, Lighthouse > Park > Teleport > tiger (right side of the island) > right of the tiger there is a vase with a basic container, Go right and take the pirate medallion, the chest, the bowl, the philweed plant and also the Tikpak Treasure, Move the 2 stones (will appear when you take the pirate medallion) under the palm trees (stand under them to understand it), Light the bowl and take the chest key from where the number (cave) was, Leave the park (teleport) and show Diana the Tikpak Treasure, leave the house and receive a message from Tasha, Find the crafting scroll at the park: Rock Bomb = Nitroglycerin + Basic container + Silver Talisman + Jade Talisman, Squallmart > Cave > Craft the Rock Bomb > Go to Full Mast Bar > Catch a fish for Jessica at the beach (if you fail buy bait at the bait shop), Next Location > break the base, get a basic container and go back to craft another Rock bomb, Church > break this wall with the rock bomb, Go to the location, and take the broken key and also the spike boots from inside the vase (break it). Talk to Alia (Estero Key) twice to receive the Unknown treasure, Show the Talisman to Diana, go back with Alia and receive 1 Alia’s Heart, To get the chest key: Estero Park > Left, there is also one page to collect, Buy the basic walkway ($10), basic fence ($30) and garden flowers ($20), use them in your house, and call Alia, Find the Jade Talisman (Estero Park) and give it to Pricia (Parlor), Go to Estero Park and follow the 2 guys (left), then go upstairs and take the chest key, Find the Small Screwdriver at the east of the park, inside the cave, Buy the Health Insurance ($60 – SqualMart) and give it to the administrator (Doctor’s office), Go to Janet’s house, wait iuntil she leaves, get inside, climb the stairs, go to the bathroom and enjoy (+1 Kaley’s heart), Open Janet’s bedroom door with the screwdriver and get the ero*tic book, Go to the library and ask Diana about the book, Take the book “A Sinful Affair”, talk to Naomi outside and give her the book, Buy the drink “S*ex on the beach” (Full Mast Bar), and give it to Naomi (+1 heart), Go to the church, take the church key, open the chest, and take the page, Talk to Alia (Estero Park) and take the Shovel Shaft (left), Follow Clare into the cave and enjoy the scene, From now you can use the native shrine, offer items and try to receive better items in return, Talk to Emily (Squallmart) and also buy the Shiovel Head ($80), Go to the Parlor > Backyard > take the money (guy) and also the shovel handle, Talk to Diana (library) and to Ash (requires $250 for 1 photo), Sell the Stone Talisman to the girl on the beach, if you reject her offer = $900, Doctor’s office, Diana needs a high powered magnet, Click on the bird (parking), take the MRI Room Key (inside), take the chest key and also the high powered magnet (left room), Give Diana the high powered magnet (+1 heart), Native Shrine – use: Jade Talisman, Shovel Shaft, Shovel Head, Show Pricia the silver talisman, if you don’t have it, get it from the Native Shrine – use: Silver Ore and 3 Stone Talisman, and receive: Silver Talisman, Buy an outfit ($400) for Emily, also buy the Discount Sofa ($1,000) and call her, Buy a lighter and also a Pipe Wrench ($80 both) in Squallmart, Use the lighter with Alia (Estero Key) enjoy the scene and pick up the talismans, Use the Pipe Wrench to break 3 vases (Library outside, Full Mast Bar outside and light house outside), Go to Full Mast Bar, upstairs and fix the pipe with the pipe wrench and open the chest with the chest key (inside the vase of the Libary), Talk to the man outside the Library, then to Ash (Squallmart), go back to the library and talk to Ash again (Squallmart), Follow Kaley (Janet’s home) and enjoy the scene, Library: Get the Broken Camera, the Silver Talisman and also the Church Key. Craft another bomb and use it in front of the previous one, I made another bomb but can’t find where to place it, Did the cut scene with Diana and the ranger, got the outfit, can’t get passed the jaguar in the northern jungle.